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I LOVE the idea that there really is something that is considered “Mind Food”.  I’m sure right away when we hear these words,  most frequently we think of Brain Food. I know that I would have gone to that very place not so many years ago. Even after my Near-Death Experience, I was back in a body that immediately looked for a way that my “brain” could somehow take me back into that incredible white light enveloping me into an unconditional love that I remembered in a way that was new and almost foreign to me. I say almost because somehow there was that MEMORY…I KNOW that place, I’ve been there before! I believe that is why we call it HOME. Not the dwelling here on earth that I live in during this human life, I have that knowing that HOME is a place we “remember” when we go within and experience a joy we can’t always explain…

As any of us age we begin to notice a lapse in memory or as we watch others in our life experience age, we hear about the concept of  “brain fog”. When it happens to us, we immediately start to think about our advancing years. Due to our culture and the work being done with dementia and Alzheimers, media is  full of suggestions of how to keep our brain operating at its optimal capacity. We often hear about drugs that can help with this phenomena. Suggestions of foods we can eat that help feed our brain! AND even research being done with sound to help Alzheimers and Parkinson’s disease.

I just looked at the list of foods in a book I enjoyed called LIMITLESS! It was written by a man named Jim Kwik.  I heard him speak and was so inspired I bought his book. His own life story is fascinating. The list he suggests as brain food is one that I’ve kept in meal planning for years now. I’m sure the list will not surprise you at all. Avacados, blue berries, broccoli, dark chocolate, eggs, green leafy vegetables, salmon, turmeric, walnuts and water! What we eat DOES matter he reminds us. I also loved his 10 Day KWIK start plan to sharpen any of our brains at ANY age.

But, what about feeding the mind? Is this the same as feeding the brain?

I’m challenging you to think in a new direction and separate the brain and the mind. That’s not an easy concept to grasp. And yet, we’ve had experiences where we KNOW our mind took us to a place we can’t seem to define. If you meditate or quietly walk in nature on a regular basis, you likely experience this often. We associate our consciousness with our physical body because of the energy that is operating in and around the brain and of course circulating that energy in and around our body for optimal health.

Sometimes our mind takes us to thought that is not welcome in our daily lives and we wish the thought loop would simply STOP. And yet, as much as we’d like to deny it, we are in CONTROL of our thought. We are in CONTROL of our mind’s ability to simply move to a different place. I’m writing about this today because our country and all of it’s “difficult conversations” that are taking place in our news and within our communities have us on edge. We ALL get caught up in it at one time or another. Technology makes it way to easy to search the internet and circulate what our neighbors keep talking about, good or bad.

People are asking…

  • What is politically correct?
  • What is morally correct?
  • What is spiritually correct? Does religion have all the answers?
  • What is emotionally correct?

All of these open discussions have us on edge when we are with friends and family wondering if we are “saying things correctly?” And yet, hasn’t history proven over and over that there is seldom a CORRECT way…it’s the way people with power want us to think is correct. That’s the history from over 2,000 years ago during the life of Jesus. Was society looking for solutions? Does society look for solutions now?  OR, are we in a continuous loop of attack listening to what those closest to us in our circle of friends and family think.

Can we listen without judgement. I know I find it pretty tough.  And yet,  IF we realize that our brain absorbs everything we hear, but our mind on the other hand can discern, reflect and help us make choices that are right for US. I remember Dr. Wayne Dyer and so many other spiritual gurus saying that if someone is telling you THIS IS THE TRUTH…the ONLY way…run the other way! You will never hear Marj or I saying we KNOW all the answers.

I believe that if we FEED our mind with our own truths, with loving, caring and compassionate LOVE…our  minds can become incredibly healthy. But…maybe we need to have a chat with that brain we have once in awhile and tell it to BE QUIET, you are disturbing me! Be the genius that you ARE! It’s amazing how peaceful and calm your body responds when you are simply…YOU! And I believe by being ME, I have no need to convince another person about anything I believe. Then instead of competition…we find solutions to difficult issues.

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole live believing that it is stupid.”   ~Albert Einstein

I hope  you will consider joining Marj and I up in Eagle River for a special edition of this month’s Light GAP: Spiritual Circle! It is on Tuesday, July 19 and we would LOVE to welcome YOU! If you are not currently on our Spiritual Circle LIST to receive an email letter with ZOOM numbers, please email terry@thelightgap.com and we will include YOU! Together we help FEED our minds with positive thought!








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