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On our spiritual journeys, we talk about our souls or spirit. But, do we stop to think about what or WHERE our soul is at any given moment? In my human body here in this life, I know that there are many terms for what we might call our inner self. I prefer to use the term INNER BEING.  There was a great article in Spirituality and Health Magazine recently called “Leading from YOUR INNER CORE”. It was a great article, but the idea really took hold this week as I made preparations to head back to Eagle River Wisconsin to be with Marj and family for a small service in the forest, Chapel In the Pines.. Jim loved it there! I made difficult decisions cancelling many plans. But, I am in peace.

“Your Inner Core is the space within you for where your best self arises. When you are there, you operate beyond ego, attachments and insecurities.”~Hitendra Wadhwa, PHD by interview with Spirituality & Health Magazine.

Death somehow does always bring about reflection in me.  Maybe I might even call it rethinking my own thoughts so as to put them into the best possible word combinations. I am reflecting now on my OWN soul…is it confined to that place inside of me that we might call our inner core? From my Near-Death Experience I am left with the thought that my soul is not simply residing in my human body through my heart…but it is somehow throughout the Universe as well. I found myself talking to my soul this week out loud! No one was here with me. Anyone walking by our house with my open windows might have wondered, who is she talking to so loudly?! But…answers were coming back at me as quickly as I was asking!

I think our limited human brain has a hard time picturing or understanding, where is my soul? We wish we knew what it looks like! Over time we realize that in the core place within is where we find those thoughts of gratitude, hope and  compassion even while experiencing difficult times.  With a sense of purpose beyond our jobs and possessions, our spiritual self is alive and well when we make ourselves aware of its presence.

When these thoughts coming from our inner being connect with our wisdom and growth we realize that we are evolving our own spiritual practices! When I found my core center full of emotions varied from day to day, that is when I began to realize that I was the creator of all those thoughts leading to emotions that could be calming and beautiful or very heart wrenching! I LOVE the concept from the above quote that my “best self arises from within my inner core!” When my best self arises…I make the best possible decisions in life.

No matter what the chaos of life may bring , our inner being has a very reliable connection to the LOVE that we were created in by God. We ARE love…but we have to ask ourself if we are operating from our inner core? Are we asking for direction and help from WITHIN? Are we listening?!

It’s pretty easy to say yes, when if fact the TRUE answer might be NO on many days. Maybe I’ve been operating from the thoughts of other people or the agendas of the culture around me instead! I know that I need to BE THE CHANGE when close reflection brings the best of me to the surface. When I go within and make decisions from my inner being…I really do make my actions reflect the love I have for myself and others. Peace and tranquility follows.

What CAN we do on a daily basis?

Watch for Part 2 next Friday, Aug. 12. What CAN we do on a daily or weekly basis to BE THE CHANGE we want from ourselves?

For today I am going to leave you with Suzanne Giesemann’s Awakened Way message from Monday. Sanaya’s words are so perfect. Remember, Suzanne Giesemann is simply repeating what she hears from Sanaya.

I always find it amazing when words arrive at just the right moment for me. The title is JUST ASK

To the soul, your earthly sojourn is like a dream.
It need not be a nightmare.
Pain comes and goes.
It ebbs and flows,
And much of it depends on your choices.
Do you listen or not to the voices
That tell you what to do,
Just how to make it through
When times get rough
And you feel you’ve had enough?
This is precisely when it pays
To know there are ways
To get through your rough days.
Call on us. We hear you.
Ask for our help and we draw near you,
Just as we did for this one, our scribe,
On this very day twelve years past
When the poems at last
Turned to prose
And from “The Council of Poets” Sanaya arose
To share with all of you these words of love
That seem to come from up above,
But in truth are One Universal Voice
To teach you all that you have a choice:
You may continue to think you stand alone
Or return in awareness to your one true Home.
You are so very loved.


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