BE the CHANGE…in and for myself!

YOU can be the change in you, for yourself. It is so very important for each and every one of us to BE the change…that is simply just right for us. We’ve been led to believe if we simply follow a particular outlined path…all will be well. Is that working for you? Each and every single one of us was created in Divine LOVE…and I know each one of our journeys is just as sacred as another persons. Last week I wrote about our inner being. If you didn’t get a chance to read the blog post from last Friday, you may want to go back to it and read it first. Just click here. I want to follow up with the question we were asking.


What CAN we do on a daily basis?

 To the soul, your earthly sojourn is like a dream.
It need not be a nightmare.
Pain comes and goes.
It ebbs and flows,
And much of it depends on your choices.

I left you reading the beautiful words that Suzanne Giesemann shared from Sanaya’s (her spirit guide’s) words. These words at the beginning were very significant. To the soul, our earthly sojourn is like a dream. This connects with me so deeply because during my NDE, I felt my experience was so much MORE real, than my life back in my body and there was literally no sense of time. My experience told me I was there for a very long time, but I wasn’t gone from my body more than about 5 minutes. I KNOW time is an illusion. Once I was back in my body…that concept seemed too unreal to comprehend. But, all that changed over time when I allowed the knowings and wisdom to come from within. That reminds me of some pretty famous people like Einstein saying that time is an illusion!

Because time seems so very linear in the now, we feel that we are “limited” and we better get life figured out NOW and DO it right! That is, until we become aware that we are perhaps traveling in some time warp to “experience life” and enjoy it IN the now! We were meant to LOVE life and live in the JOY that lives in us.

“And much of it depends on your choices” Sanaya states. And THAT is critical for us to comprehend ~ our CHOICES!

I believe this thread of thinking is extremely important for all of us on a daily basis. If you are thrilled with the way everything is going in your life, you wake up with a smile on your face every day, feeling your spiritual life is great and peaceful, and you can’t wait for another day to experience life, you are likely doing all of this already! Celebrate!! OR is life a struggle sometimes?

Here are some CHOICES that I find extremely helpful in my own life. Please notice that they are very open ended…I am hoping that something might perk your interest so you can make it into a design of your own! There IS no right and wrong in what we do, it is simply finding that sweet place where we feel in harmony with our soul.

  • I ALLOW myself to connect with my INNER BEING every day in some way.
  • I PRACTICE wellness every day through exercise, healthy foods, and lots of water!
  • I NURTURE my soul by reading spiritually stimulating material.
  • I CONNECT with important other beings living their sacred life along side my own. I work hard to be open minded, curious, calm, and receptive through all interactions.
  • I PRAYERFULLY meditate in some way every day through mindfulness, music, silence, or time spent in nature.
  • I  CHOOSE to nurture my daily activities that allow positive emotions to dwell in my heart.
  • I CHOOSE to BE the CHANGE I want in my life. I check inside my inner self to make sure my actions are harmonized with what I say and do on the outside.
  • I ACCEPT that I will make mistakes. But, I know in my heart that real change only happens when I learn from that experience instead of condemn myself for that experience.
  • I LEARNED how to let go, get out of my own way, and ALLOW life to unfold knowing there is always guidance with me.

Here are a few photos to show you the ways that I CHOOSE to be the change in me. I choose to nurture myself knowing “I am not a body, I am free! For I am still as God created me.” Lesson 202 Course of Miracles.

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