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When we use the word MIND, we think of our brain right away, or at least I used to do that! Spiritual masters often talk about ONE MIND almost in the same frame of reference as ONE GOD. What do you think about that? Let’s explore this idea together.

Do you believe in angels? Stories of angels exist in the Bible in countless places. All of the ancient texts of all faiths refer to them. I think it is because since the dawn of man, their presence has been felt, heard, and EXPERIENCED ~our unseen helpers. In my learning ~ we are NEVER alone. And you know what? Since I’ve embraced the concept… I have never felt alone! I can connect with them on a soul level during meditation. Is that a coincidence? I don’t think so. Are we able to connect through the ONE MIND?

“My brain is only a receiver. In the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.” ~ Nikola Tesla.

I find it quite amazing that scientists for a long time have understood there is so much more! The early explorers  have spoken out…and maybe it’s our job now to listen and hear their words. Is Tesla referring to the ONE MIND? If our brain is only a receiver, what does it receive IF we open a channel to listen in a  new way?

Many mediums have channeled information from another realm for centuries. They existed in ancient times, Biblical times,  in outspoken individuals in the last 300 years,  and right now we have our pick of who we think is the “REAL” deal. I freely admit that Suzanne Giesemann convinced me beyond any doubt, Neale Donald Walsch brought both Marj and I to amazing understandings of the concept, Abraham Hicks is a stunning source we have heard for years, the Course of Miracles was brought through channeled information, and I’ve learned through Dr. Eric Pearl how Solomon channeled THROUGH him to discover Reconnective Healing. I have been exposed to MORE people that channel lately, so I am growing in my understanding. Are they accessing the ONE MIND?

We tend to think these are “exceptional” humans on a slightly elevated path from each of us. BUT…I want to challenge that thinking. EACH of these people have shared that it is a TEAM of entities that are working together to channel information to a human mind…just like ours! The common teaching from all of the above mentioned people is that EVERY SINGLE human being has this potential! Are we part of a TEAM of minds and is there a TEAM helping me? I think I have a team of spirit guides, angels, God, the masters, or whatever name we want to give them. They are simply words…but I have learned to accept they help me every day along with relatives who have passed before us.

Is that what ONE MIND is?

We often wonder where a sudden wonderful “IDEA”  came from. Could it be coming from the ONE MIND where our soul is already connected? Is it a spark of recognition that shows we have tuned into a greater realization that we are  a part of ALL that is?

Each one of us is the LIGHT of God…I know that beyond any shadow of a doubt. As these words written for this post came through me following meditation, there was a piece of recognition that there is a mind more developed than mine! ONE MIND...yes! That’s GOD!  I have access to that and so does every human being. Is that the INFORMATION that is part of the field of energy and light? Study the ONE MIND photo and you will see the amazing sacred geometry that exists in our Universe.

PLEASE ponder WITH me…I’d love to hear YOUR thoughts.

And OF COURSE we’ll discuss these types of concepts during our Spiritual EXCHANGE Circle that begins next week on Tuesday, February 16. Come join us! Simply email your interest to and we will send you zoom details.

3 Comments on “ONE Mind

  1. I love the thought of a “spiritual team” guiding me on my journey.

    • YES… I agree it is a beautiful thought. But, Kathleen, it’s not just a “thought”…it’s reality for each and every one of us. We simply need to open the DOOR…and we not only realize they are there, we EXPERIENCE it. It’s beautiful!

  2. The idea of our inspirations coming from God or a higher source is my new delight! I’ve been eyeball deep in many books sending this same message. It goes hand in hand with the power of thoughts and how they manifest (good or bad).
    I am creative and sometimes a thought comes like a flash and my heart leaps! How many times have I allowed “the speed of life,” unholstered, to swallow divine inspirations? How lacking in courage and understanding I have been. Yet, I’ve also learned that loving is all about being kind to myself too- not really good at this yet. INTENTION to change, release control and allow God’s crazy Holy Grace is on my docket now!
    I look forward to Tuesday!

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