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Labyrinths exist in every corner of planet earth. Today I was totally surprised to look out my sunporch window and find this Labyrinth by a house just across a small corner on our lake! Immediately I thought… WOW! I saw the group of neighborhood kids out there playing in the snow at the end of the day yesterday. I had been out in the beauty of the snow we have right now in Michigan with my grandchildren who live in Atlanta and have had VERY few experiences in snow. Their parents are both from Michigan so they have been anxious to help them experience it and find the JOY as well as the BEAUTY of being out in it. We found that for sure! But our play was certainly not as organized as this!

These kids out in our neighborhood playing  are young and my guess is they have NO idea what they made. It was simply fun and a pattern that they PERHAPS have hidden in their subconscious in some amazing way. It’s the innocence of children that have not yet learned to “hide” spiritual thoughts due to cultural conditioning.  I came to this conclusion because I believe we have a whole lot of information and images that exist in some form in our mind…on the blueprint of our existence! It’s actually a pretty fascinating concept. Is the memory of past lives or simultaneous lives hidden within us?

So I asked myself this question. Is the memory of different lives hidden within us?

I pondered in silence.

I listened in silence. 

 I heard…OF COURSE!  Hmm…do I understand it at some level?  YES.  Do I understand it all, of course not. So maybe YOU can help me process!

A labyrinth is perhaps one of oldest, and certainly one of the most mysterious symbols known to mankind. It has been looked upon in so many different ways ~ sometimes as an object of fear ~sometimes as an object of hope. It has been perceived as a representation of our personal and spiritual growth in more modern times. This photo is from Denmark where an ancient ruins of a labyrinth still exists.

Labyrinths go back as far as ancient Greek Mythology. There is the Myth of the Minotaur which was half man and half bull. The Labyrinth in Crete was an intricate and inescapable maze designed and built by a skillful Athenian craftsman Daedalus. It was said to be impossible to escape from, so that even the architect Daedalus barely could make his way out of it. And labyrinths have been found in ancient civilizations with pictures on walls and in European countries where they were left and began to take on Christian influence in meaning.  But if these ancient patterns are found all over the world even prior to the life of Christ, what is the meaning?

Today, there are modern versions of them ALL over the world allowing people to walk them in contemplation of LIFE! Have you ever walked one yourself? I know that both Marj and I have done that. We walked the same one in a retreat location in Kalamazoo, Michigan! They existed in Peru related to the Incan culture. I heard discussion there for years. For me I walked one again in a Mayan Ruins setting in Mexico. I’d like to propose there is MEANING for us RIGHT now and through our modern thinking.

Is there a message here for ALL of us…NOW?

I believe that there is so much MORE to the idea that we are connected to the UNIVERSE, and the messages we are receiving now are helping us connect ancient wisdom with TODAY’s GOD! Is it different? Of course not…but we are awakening through our awareness to the good news that GOD has been trying to share for centuries, through Jesus and… ~ maybe as far back as the start of civilization?

I know in the depth of my being that our bodies are completely CONNECTED to the energy field of the Universe.  Healing is our birthright and we may just be discovering the ancient wisdom that will help us understand that self healing is not a futuristic thought! It is REAL. It is in our grasp as a spirit living in a human body…for awhile!

ALL thoughts for you to ponder. But today I visually tried to walk one of these labyrinths and REMEMBER the thoughts. It was a beautiful experience for me! It is GOOD for us! When we slow down, ponder and ask…we receive! We CAN walk a labyrinth and ponder all of life’s questions…OR we can take a walk in nature and accomplish the same goal! I think the key is setting an intention to CONNECT. ANSWERS do come!

I BELIEVE…these kids were messengers to deliver a message to ME! But, I’m sure they have NO idea! 


Enjoy your OWN spiritual WALK in any form it arrives!!





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