Magnificent ART…

There is a piece of incredibly complex ART…in every single cell in the human body. In this particular lifetime, we have this totally GORGEOUS temple to live in while we nurture our soul or spirit in amazing growth.   Humans are complex organisms made up of around 30 trillion cells! That is 30,000,000,000,000 cells. Just seeing the number written out gives me goosebumps to realize the capacity each and every cell of our body has. Each cell is in “creation” every minute or second of the day.

We are creators! God designed the human body to create. There is something really powerful held within us, once we have a KNOWING, that belief is EVERYTHING!

“All behavior is belief driven.” ~Jim Kwik 

Here is what happens in the human brain when we are in creation.

“When you are in creation mode, the frontal lobe is in control. It becomes so engaged that your thoughts become your experience. Whatever you are thinking about in those moments is all there is for the frontal lobe to process.”

~ Dr. Joe Dispenza 

I remember vividly the day that Dr. David Hawkins changed my thoughts completely when he helped me realize that my brain was like a “puppet” on a string while my thoughts, created through my heart, are calling all the shots! I had read many of his books and listened to many lectures he gave prior to my healing and while I was healing. But it wasn’t until his last book was published after his death in 2012 that I finally had KNOWING of how and why I healed.

That book, Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender,  changed the direction of my life. That story of course was written in our book, The Light GAP: God’s Amazing Presence Prior to that book, I actually kept doubting that I really healed myself and yet I was healed completely! He describes his own healing journey from some positively horrible diseases he was suffering as a human. He helped me remember that “spirit” never suffers…just like in my NDE. This quote is his reminder of why going into silence can open up healing pathways.

“When time stops, all problems disappear; they are merely artifacts of a point of perception. As the Presence prevails, there is no further identification with the body or the mind. When the mind grows silent the thought “I am” also disappears, and PURE AWARENESS shines forth to illuminate what one is, was, and always will be, beyond all worlds and all universes, beyond time, and therefore without beginning or end.” ~Dr. David Hawkins

Then along comes Dr. Eric Pearl helping me realize that not only CAN we heal ourselves, there is a field of energy out there waiting for us to be aware of it and use our incredible power of connection! But, we need to let go of limiting beliefs. I have to LET GO of any preconceived idea about how the healing will take place. I can’t KNOW that for myself or any other person. But, I CAN facilitate, I CAN be the catalyst, to help “jump start” the opening of another person’s OWN healing potential by surrendering my human mind and allowing God. Belief is EVERYTHING!

Oh that THINKING mind that can create so many opinions about me without even realizing that the information is not actually coming from ME. Very often our whole belief system is based on other people’s opinions about all of life due to our birthplace, family values, religious teachings around us, our culture, TV adds, news…the list goes on and on!

And yet, we have the ability to allow the wisdom held within to come on out and match words that we hear from others that really resonate with our thinking.  Our mind started collecting all of life’s experiences from birth to now and then we WONDER…where did THAT thought come from? Is this my belief? I AM…don’t we simply have TONS of words we add after those beautiful words of creation.

YES, we are creating and again…ALL behavior is belief driven! 

I finally started simply shifting each time a “limiting” thought popped inside my head. You know those words like “Oh, I can’t possibly do that I’m too….insert any word. Or, you heard the words from a traditional medical physician that said “this is something you will simply have to live with!” Or, you are getting old…and of course you are going to have “THIS” happen to you. Really? You mean I can simply change my mind?

I finally said, OKAY…I have hemiplegic migraines. I can accept that diagnosis. My neurologist knew and understood all of the tests. He showed it to me in clear terms. But, I LET go of that limiting belief that “I would simply have to live with it.” THAT’s what my internal knowing did for me. So, after accepting what I HAD…it was now what are you going to do about it? If I let limiting belief back in, I would simply have gone on like that, not allowing myself the beauty, the ART OF CREATION that lives in every single cell of my body work for me!

Instead, I listened to that still soft voice inside say START with a deeper and steady meditation practice!! Letting GO of limiting beliefs simply began moving out of my life. After that the universe just kept showing up for me… in the form of people, books, experiences, and the whole tool box of learning to balance. My human self left behind the deeply rooted idea of separation. I AM… ONE with GOD, ONE with CREATION, ONE with the UNIVERSE. And as Deepak Chopra states so often, in every single one of those 30 trillion cells in our body IS the Universe. Wow…that’s hard for our little brain that is a puppet to fathom! Yes, many times we need to embrace traditional medicine that is available, but I found I could let some of that go once I realized I really CAN and DID heal.

ALL behavior is belief driven! 

Those words just keep ringing in my ear because I have heard all of this now from so many different sources. There’s a KNOWING when we say I AM…we better think twice about saying the words tired, angry, guilty, afraid, ashamed, too sick, too old…again the list goes on and on!  A really amazing Reconnective Healing Practitioner found this free image to share with our group and to beautiful Adja, from the Czech Republic I THANK YOU!!

I think if we took this list and began to KNOW,  beyond ANY limiting belief,  that we ARE all of these and kept saying them to ourselves…can you imagine what beautiful chemicals your brain will send your body because with your HEART you knew the unconditional love GOD has for you!

So…that means YOU have that same belief  for YOU…and it spreads to everyone around you because you are ALL connected! 


Feel free to click on this and PRINT it out for yourself!


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