I KNOW deep in my heart PRAYER is  a very complex and deep conversation with God. There’s an intuitive deep TRUTH that emerges when I consider the many different ways that prayer has simply lifted up my life. So often we find that our deepest hurts actually TEACH us how to pray. It would be very fascinating to poll all 429 of you and ask,  “How did YOU learn to pray?” I know for myself at each juncture in my life I would have answered differently. I would likely say, “Well I THOUGHT I learned to pray as a child!” BUT…in truth, I only learned to say words that were supposed to be meaningful. And there were times in my life where I always felt too “busy” for prayer and never thought I was missing anything!

I won’t go into my history…that would be very boring for you. BUT, I will say now that I believe I learned to pray in the deepest most significant way right after my Near Death Experience, but I never called it prayer. I was recuperating from very MAJOR surgery and it was  a warm summer in Tennessee. My selfless caring sister Lynne came and stayed at our house to help care for my then very young sons.


I would slowly walk myself outside and sit quietly out in our gazebo in our lounge chair facing out into our large back yard, full of trees and a back fence keeping the cows out to pasture behind us. I would close my eyes and very simply put myself back into the amazing LIGHT of God. I could put myself there with total recall of the most incredible energy of unconditional love, surrounded by beings of light in incredible colors, and be totally out of any pain or emotional distress. 

Was I praying for healing and asking to be taken OUT of the pain I was suffering? I don’t ever remember asking or even thinking I needed to ask. I actually wonder WHY not? Instead I was “experiencing” what I now believe was a conversation with God…in gratitude for the experience of total well being during those hours lying in the  chair. Over weeks and the next month my body began healing at an incredible rate.  My doctor was always a little astounded and kept wondering WHY or HOW I could heal that fast.

After time this practice ceased as I moved more and more BACK into the human side of myself and less into my spiritual self. I never called this daily practice prayer, meditation or anything other than BEING with GOD. And for a while in my life, I couldn’t even describe to people what this experience was like in human terms.

I CAN do that now however…because I KNOW that I was in deep conversation with GOD and that I have the ability to do that at any time, and so do YOU! I totally believe PRAYER is a two way conversation even though we hear back in a variety of ways. You don’t need to die (I do NOT recommend that method!), any of us have this connection. BUT, go back and read my experience, what WAS I doing that I seemed to KNOW how to do upon returning to my earthly body?

Gregg Braden, always talks about “the secrets” of an ancient and forgotten form of prayer as the language that speaks into the UNIVERSAL FIELD that unites all things. I love his stories of talking with the monks and nuns of Tibet who say that “the way to pray was largely lost to the West in the fourth-century biblical edits of the early Christian Church. This mode of prayer has no words or outward expressions. It is based solely in feeling.” 

If you have never read this book, I HIGHLY recommend it. There is so much there, I LOVE the history in it too. But specifically the practice invites us to feel as if our prayer has already been answered, rather than feeling powerless and needing to ask for help from a higher source. It’s the feeling that is speaking the words for us. Remember, I was hearing and absorbing knowledge all without the use of my bodily senses. I now believe this was a model for understanding our capabilities as spiritual beings…and YES, living in a very human “experiencing” body!


Oh the memory of meeting and talking through some of all of this with Gregg Braden when I met him in Arizona soon after our book was published in 2016! This book had been published in 2006.

Little did I realize that I would come to understand this place of what seemed to be way OUT of my body. The connection to Reconnective Healing Experiences has been astounding. I believe it is through the awareness of ALL sensations in my body during a healing session that moves me into the field of LOVE & LIGHT through frequencies…similar to the experience back at my home in Tennessee so long ago.

What is the key?

I BELIEVE the key is feeling deep in our hearts. Through feeling we are CREATING.  I know all of you have had an experience you could relate where either an event, written or spoken words, the awe of nature or music brought you feelings in your heart. The experience MIGHT have been heartbreak! We tend to think that is hardly love, but it IS. It is the product of LOVING and LOOSING…thus creating. Yes, PRAYER…is full of complex and deep conversations with God. In the pure energy of love,  that GOD moment might be enhanced through a loved one in spirit, Jesus, an angel or archangel. I believe we can INVITE them in, but I also believe they drop in at moments when our body has a pure connection in love.

Stay tuned! I plan to get into practical prayer habits which can enhance our lives. As a teaser…here is one that I LOVE from Deepak Chopra! I use it often when I am on the go…

“STOP. Take three deep breaths. ( Remember 3 is significant!!) SMILE everywhere in your body, observing what’s in your body.” 

Next time I’ll let you know what your observations might be telling you!

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  1. As a child I prayed by asking a “sky God” for outcomes. Now I follow the Bibical scripture: “Be still and know that I AM God”. One of my favorite gurus, Rupert Spira, says the highest form of prayer is silence.

    • I love that, “sky God”. ” Be Still and Know that I AM God.” is so sacred and beautiful. I love Rupert Spira..he always gives me lots to really ponder about when I hear him talk! He is very DEEP! Thanks for sharing Mary!!

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