Connected in ONENESS

ONENESS is still a very difficult concept for any of us to embrace. I am hearing new ideas. I wrote a post on ONENESS Awareness awhile back and  almost two years ago another called CONNECTIONS.  I now believe these two concepts are completely intertwined. In these posts I did not attempt to put these two concepts together…and yet expansion helps our perspectives grow and change.

ONENESS is a broad concept that actually shows us we are all CONNECTED  to EVERY other human being alive OR departed, the whole UNIVERSE, with God, and with nature.  As humans we are perfectly attuned into nature through its intricate design.  We benefit by using its incredible power of connection~ it’s there for us every day.

Everything is connected in ONENESS ! It’s pretty mind boggling to fathom with our limited capacity brains. Yet we all stand in total AWE when we try to picture a God that has created such a masterpiece as the Universe, our human body, and every tiny and grand living organism in nature ~ in ONE. Once we intertwine science fact with the wisdom learned throughout the ages, we can begin to experience the ONENESS.

We FEEL others hurts and triumphs because we are in the ONE field. Your LOVE is felt and experienced through the ONE field of energy, light, and information.

Plants and animals already TRUST…it’s you and I who are learning to trust our own inner wisdom. God is there in pure love and energy, in every human body ~ vibrating our energy fields to tune into the same frequency. YOU are the bluetooth. GOD lives in EVERY living creature.

There’s a MAP sitting right in front of all of us ~ NATURE. God’s handiwork has always been the fascination of people since the beginning of man. Early civilizations thought of the sun, moon, heavenly skies and nature as Gods. Who can blame them for that idea? Oh, the mystery of it all.

We are truly blessed to use the latest technology and be able to zoom in and view some incredible sights. As we look at a simple spiral…we realize it is anything but simple. Plant life on Earth and the Universe are full of spirals. Think of the “power” of the spiral in a hurricane as well as the spiral that keeps our Solar System in total mathematical and scientific patterns. We have to be in awe to take in God’s powerful plan for life.

We’ve seen pictures of the main energy centers in our bodies… they are spinning spirals of energy with amazing power in our human body, yet they are in communication with the earth’s energy centers. Medical scientists are only now beginning to realize the incredible power of these energy centers. They are intricately linked with nature vibrating at the same frequency as the colors you see in vibrational form in our bodies.  Your body in turn receives the benefit of the incredibly high vibrational level of love… as you take it all in. Your brain then sends beautiful endorphins into your body… those beautiful stress reducing chemicals that are wonderful for our health.

No wonder sunrises and sunsets bring us strength, peace, & JOY!


The MAP? Yes, nature is showing us some beautiful  examples of how our human bodies are strikingly similar to views we see in nature. If you study this next photograph carefully you will see that our human body is mirrored in nature. Or, is it the other way around? We can learn from this concept how every piece of nature is vitally connected to the human body. We cannot exist in human form without the world we live in…and for us during this life it is the planet earth.

Let’s take a look at what this might mean to us as we navigate this beautiful place we call our home. Look closely at this picture. It is in comparing images that we can now capture that show some incredible close images to life in our bodies and life on earth.

  • Does the tree of life show us that through human placenta…we propagate an ongoing LIFE…well beyond the one life we are living right now? Does this represent LIVES over time for each of us? We think of our family tree…but perhaps every family tree is CONNECTED through ONENESS~ just like a forest models for us.
  • A tree stump shows the many years of life it sustained in this life on Earth.  It is unique for only the life of THAT tree, and yet it propagates new tree life for the next generations. What about our finger print? We know it is totally unique to us…in this body in human form. We also know that we share an ongoing LIFE through our children and grandchildren. Ask yourself…how did we get a totally UNIQUE finger print? Is it connected to our totally unique soul signature?
  • Our own lungs…breathing life into us as we enter this life and keep us sustained every day until we breathe our last breathe as we pass on into the Ever Life of our soul. I love the picture as it is compared to a tree branch. The life of that tree…has a totally unique connection to the oxygen that is life giving in our lungs. Coincidence? NOT at all!
  • Human veins, leaf veins, a river network…this is incredible! THINK about this.  Our veins are the “waterways” for flow of life giving blood to our organs…keeping us alive. A river network is the waterway for life giving sustenance for us as human beings. If we CLOG those pathways for whatever reason, LIFE is cut short.








OH…the amazing WONDER of life!

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