Reconnective Healing: Energy, Light and Information


Reconnective Healing: Energy, Light and Information

 Healing: Part III

Were you able to read our blog last week? ! If not, I highly recommend going back and reading last weeks’ blog first that highlighted the scientific community doing research to back up Reconnective Healing as  a comprehensive energy healing modality.

Reconnective Healing shares so many stories of healing that, in the past, we would call them all  miracles. Today we might begin to call them stories of faith in God’s unconditional love, persistence, and manipulation of energy around our bodies! But, with our current definition of miracles…YES, they are happening! Let’s celebrate the total ONENESS of all! We all are able to experience the incredible healing that is emerging on our planet today! I now have some beautiful stories of healing that took place during Reconnective Healing sessions that I facilitated. And I find that I am the one that feels blessed!


“Reconnective Healing (RH) is a return to an optimal state of balance. It can be understood as the complete spectrum of frequencies that consist of energy, light and information”.


I loved this FACT shared by Dr. Joe Dispenza on Twitter! It is so important for us to realize that our thoughts are linked to an invisible energy to create FORM in our life. Energy healing concepts use this same quantum physics to show that not only do we create FORM in our bodies, but that form can either manifest as disease or create healthy cell change. It is also worth noting that we can create happiness in our lives as well! BUT, we have to choose it, not expect it to just arrive.

We naturally put our thoughts on  physical “healing” because it is always right in front of us and very personal! But, we also must realize that our spiritual life, our mind, and our bodies are totally interwoven into the fabric of life.  As I continue to share what Reconnective Healing can do for us, it is important to realize that we are healing in a very broad spectrum that is connected to our Source of LIGHT…God! We can access that LIGHT through frequencies that are available to ALL human beings. The particle-by-particle change comes through a shift in consciousness when we open a channel into the spirit world. Physical healing can become a “miracle” as it threads through life changing spiritual growth.

My channel was “reconnected” during my NDE, confirmed during meditation and again during The Reconnection! Marj’s channel was opened during her LIGHT experience and now has experienced Reconnective Healing working in her life! Many people reconnect through spiritual events in their lives. But, let’s open a new thought…what if we can “reconnect” without the tragedy involved in an NDE or death,  life threatening disease, or ill health.

Let’s do it instead by being proactive! We can make a difference in our HEALTH…let’s do it so we we  have the energy, strength and love to help others thrive! We can even call it dignified aging! The ripple effect of our learning and experience travels to others right away! Remember we are all ONE. As I share…healing can arrive to you through that beautiful ripple of energy that keeps Earth and all the planets in rotation around the sun and beyond into the whole Universe. Mind boggling, isn’t it? God is just an incredible living force in our lives!

What is the energy?

Reconnective Healing is transferring energy and light through our hands and hearts and into a body. Learning the practices of The Reconnection has helped me to put years worth of research about energy healing into practice. Finally I can  share love and healing with all those I am blessed to be in contact with. Our DNA within every cell can literally change and “reconnect” strands that have become disconnected through disease. But, we have to make a decision to allow healing to take place. I believe now that I blocked that connection (certainly not intentionally!) back when I was very sick. And then I finally “surrendered” the outcome to God.  Somehow that opened a “portal” and a link into my ability to “hear” and “feel” spiritual presence. 

But the message wasn’t , just have faith and “wait”…healing will come! 

Instead it was, “get busy”, you have WORK to do! From that day forward, I moved into a totally different mind set. I was guided to make changes that were critical. I was literally guided to use energy medicine techniques; to read and research, and then DO it! The portal opened my growth in my spiritual life as well. Healing took time, it wasn’t spontaneous healing, but it was happening. I believe God took me on this slower path so I could help share and help others heal after understanding my own journey. The message from my NDE, “We have the ability to heal ourselves” was a monumental journey to understand. I forgot one very critical piece of information…we need GOD, and a connection to Spirit through our own soul!

There are stories of spontaneous healing all threaded through Reconnective Healing,  true stories shared by people. I met some of these incredible people who came forward to share their stories at IANDS, Reconnective Healing Trainings, and in their books. I’m so blessed to have been with them and continue our friendships as I go forward in my life. But there are as many shared stories about healing that “began” to take place following a Reconnective Healing session or the two day process called The Reconnection! Their life changing  journeys were of varying length and manifested in totally diverse ways. That seems logical to me now because we are all on our own unique journey to understand our purpose here on Earth. We are living and interpreting all of this through our own “filter” of experiences in life. This isn’t about what church you attend, or your belief system, it is about how you connect with God in your own personal way! The diversity is totally awesome and beautiful!


“All is intricately interconnected. The body is in rhythm with the rhythms of the earth and other planets in your solar system. Even your moon affects your mood. How is this so? For all is energy. When you are out of rhythm with the earth energies, you experience a set of symptoms.”

~ Channeled through spirit, Sanaya. Shared by Suzanne Giesemann 


Stay tuned! Next week I will share what happens during a Reconnective Healing Session or The Reconnection. Unlike the photo above, you are fully clothed and my hands do not touch your body! I will share how the vortexes that exist in the world connect with the vortexes that are in our bodies! And I will share some incredible healing stories!

~Through LOVE and LIGHT I send healing to all,  you are incredible Children of God!




2 Comments on “Reconnective Healing: Energy, Light and Information

  1. Reconnective Healing has transformed me in ways I could not have done through my conscious mind. There is so much transformational work out there.. from Tony Robbins to Mind Valley… it’s almost impossible to avoid. However, I have found myself still being “stuck” through this more analytical approach to growth/healing. It was Reconnective Healing that allowed me to become “unstuck” and my life progress is evolving faster than the speed of light. I’m not drowning myself in the influx of all the “consciousness” content, courses, retreats and workshops coming at me through digital advertising on social media. I’m just being… being with the frequencies of energy, light and information that is Reconnective Healing. In just being, I am healing.

    • Thank you Madison for your comments. YES…Reconnective Healing can clear a pathway that opens our hearts and minds to new learning and love filled healing in our lives. Thank you for sharing your significant thoughts! Terry

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