The ILLUSION of Time and Space

I  know that for the average person living a simple day to day life, they are hardly even questioning or wondering why Einstein kept insisting that time was the 4th dimension of our universe. Most people figure that the 3-dimensional world they can see and experience is simply enough information for them.

Some people jump into the science discoveries, not realizing how intricately we are connected to the WHOLE of it. I am guessing because you are reading this post, you have had all the same questions that many of us do. What about the experience AFTER death? Where is that? Is it a place? Why do people call it “the other side”?  Is it logical that there are sides? Some call it a veil…are we really separate from it?

In my Near Death Experience I very definitely experienced the out of body state, complete consciousness in tact, and experiencing a very altered time and space. I’ve shared so many times on this blogpost, so this time I would like to share a very amazing Near-Death Experience from a very good friend of mine. Her name is Joan Fowler and she has been one of Dr. Eric Pearl’s Instructors for MANY years. I met Joan originally at an International IANDS Conference in Seattle, Washington just as I was heading to be trained in Reconnective Healing in Denver. It was an instant friendship and has remained so over these last five years. This is Joan & I together.  The five of us were the Instructors during our training session a few weeks ago in Virginia Beach. Lovely and AMAZING people to teach with. I am humbled and blessed to be with them.







In a previous post, I shared the newly published book that Dr. Eric Pearl and Jillian Fleer wrote together. I now have a lot of insights after finishing the book, getting it signed,  and then having conversations with Dr. Eric and Jillian last weekend. Perhaps some of you have now purchased the book and have begun reading it. I have heard Joan’s story many times, but I have never had the opportunity to have it in written form! Her story is written in this book.   If you have bought the book or read the Kindle version you can read it for yourself! It is a masterpiece of writing in short concise terms. I love Joan’s descriptive words.  I highly recommend reading it and absorbing it, but I thought I would quote her to help you visualize her experience out of  body through the altering of time and space.

She was riding her bike on the Pacific Coast Highway  in 1989 and was hit by a truck.

I found myself floating 20-30 feet above my body which, physically, was partially under the truck. I was not in pain. I was just curiously observing the crowd as I floated above it. I watched as people circled around me and I could hear their thoughts. It was as if nothing was hidden and I had the ability to see the life and thoughts of the onlookers that I focused on…Toward my right side I felt a magnetic presence of love and peace. As I turned my focus toward this beautiful, palpable and joyful light, I started to merge with it. It was as if my boundary conditions of physicality, of this existence, were dropping or fading away. As I more fully merged with the light, I could feel myself in every molecule of water, in every blade of grass, in all the trees, in the universe… There was nowhere that I was not. There was no separation, everything was known and experienced simultaneously…The answers to any BIG questions that I had about life, about our existence, etc., came to me before I could even formulate the question! I was experiencing immense peace and static joy simultaneously. I thought this was so wondrous, I could stay here forever. ” ~ Joan Fowler’s words in The Direct Path to Healing by Dr. Eric Pearl and Jillian Fleer. Pg. 22-23

All I can say is that those words could have been my own, but I wasn’t under a truck…I was in a hospital. Joan goes on in the book to explain how her journey took her to Reconnective Healing and her story is beautiful to read. There are so many similarities and yet our lives are so totally different. She is an engineer and spent many years in the military. It took 10 years to even mention her story to people, and 20 years before she found Reconnective Healing.

“The RH Experience brought balance to my life and helped me to fully integrate my NDE and awaken to an ever-expanding universe of possibilities. I now see that this expanded awareness is essential to our evolution as a species and it is essential to our interconnectedness and discernment in worlds to come. It brings with it the wisdom of the ages, the wisdom of lifetimes, and multiple existences…Consciousness exists in a relativistic way. Meaning you can access what you are vibrationally in alignment with or in tune with. We are all part of a collective consciousness of ONE with multiple focuses. Communication with the Other Side? There is no “other side”. There is only frequency and vibration…LOVE.  “ ~ Joan Fowler in The Direct Path to Healing pg. 24 – 25

These stories and countless others share in intimate detail the experience of time and space illusions. Dr. Eric Pearl and Jillian go on to explain what science KNOWS about the illusion of time now and how this all relates to healing through that field of ENERGY, LIGHT, and INFORMATION. This is not a book about religion, but you feel the presence of God in every word. I challenge you to read for yourself. They try to help our “limited” mind understand about the illusion. It’s a fascinating way to explain the concept. I also loved the analogies they used.

Stay tuned…there is a lot more to share about time and space soon!

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