The Little Things

The Little Things

Peace can and does open very simply. Our lives try very hard to complicate the concept. We live in a world that tries to put us into competition with other people, and yet in reality there is no NEED for competition. What we really need is cooperation through LOVE.

When we first meet someone, what is the first thing they ask you? I can think of a lot of them. What do you do for a living? How long have you done that? Where do you live? Do you have children? What church do you go to? And yet…what would you say if someone asked you…

What makes you the happiest? What do you yearn for? How are you feeling about yourself?

First of all we’d probably simply stare at them and wonder if they just landed from some distant planet. But, the reality is that we are NOT our accomplishments…that’s our “STORY”. Terry’s story is about growing up with 4 brothers & sisters, teaching, getting married,  having three children who are now grown, and  living in many different houses in many different locations. There’s always that illusive search for the PERFECT life. But…that’s NOT the real me. Do I base my ideas about my worthiness on another person’s opinion of me? I know I DID for way too many years. But, now I realize and KNOW I am much grander than all that! And I’ve learned over time how important it is to really SEE the incredible grand design in every human being.

I am eternal LOVE, an expression of God’s beautiful creation. It’s  finding that wholeness in the little things that brings me the most peace. Seeking happiness ONLY outside of me keeps me always wanting more and more. It’s a never ending cycle. Perhaps this is what aging helps us see, but there’s an even  greater picture than that.

As I gathered with all of my relatives and began to really LISTEN and get to know them from the inside out…I found eternal LOVE in every single one of them. We are all expressions of God and every unique individual is contributing to the WHOLE in their own unique way. Someone  might even seem totally contrary to our thinking…it doesn’t matter! Their contributions to the whole are nothing short of miraculous just like our own.

Just for purposes of an analogy, I am hoping you can follow my line of thinking. I am using pictures of my own environment because many of these thoughts are generated as I sit and meditate in my own back yard. I MAY be looking at this big GRAND picture of a space in front of me. One view that sees the whole  STORY of my life.

OR… I instead, I tune into the uniqueness of a flower, that piece of me that loves life, but I’m still separating myself as unique. I’ve still thought of myself in a heightened state, thinking I am certainly better than some. Hmm…I still have a view of myself as special. But wait, I’m not! LOTS of varieties of  flowers exist just as beautiful as this one. I recognize that I am NOT any more special than anyone else…I’m ONE of a beautiful garden of people created by God. And yet…I”m not LESS than either.

I realize that I’m simply peeking out at life and seeing only my own VIEW. I represent this as a hydrangea peeking out from branches where it is hiding.  It’s beautiful just as it is, but perhaps I am still trying to be better…reaching out to be MORE.

I’m in hiding within that beauty because while I recognize my own gifts, I feel unworthy to shine in the way God intended. I believe this is a phenomena that permeates all of us at times in our lives. Our confidence in ourselves can be very illusive. It’s when I reach that inner place where God is waiting for me do I KNOW I am enough, just as I am. At any given moment, I am ENOUGH.

In my analogy I’m shifting into the smaller view.  While I know I can shine brightly in ANY of these situations, I find the most peace when I go within to the present moment. In any given moment…my light can shine the brightest. But, I don’t have to be center stage to do that.

I am looking at ONE simple blade of grass that is illuminating a LIGHT into a very small space. That is representing ME…one small light in a huge complex world of lights shining into the plane of existence! But what a difference I can make in that tiny space and beyond to many others even though I have no idea WHERE, or with WHOM, or WHY I made a difference. It’s beautiful…just be ME.

It’s the little things in life that can show us the way to accept that we are amazing beings of light in our every day life existence. Remember, happiness lies in the little things. It’s embracing this beautiful peace as we go about our daily lives in all the chaos. We CAN keep that peace no matter what is happening.  I continue to borrow Deepak Chopra’s famous words to PLACE in my heart space…peace, harmony, laughter and love.  Once it’s there,  I am ready to take one deep breath, place my attention in my heart, repeat these words silently RIGHT in the middle of a stressful situation! Ahhh…the healthy benefits are truly amazing.

“Open your mind, but mostly your heart, to the Truth that you are deserving of all the love the world has to bestow upon you. You are the most worthy being in the Universe, as are all of your brothers and sisters. No one is spared this gift. How do you open to love? Again we repeat…by knowing you are worthy of receiving it. It comes not from others, but from your Higher Self, which is eternally yours. Ask and ye shall receive this most blessed gift that is waiting to be bestowed upon you.” ~ Suzanne Gieseman through Sanaya.



On a mountain top or in a blade of grass… shimmering in the sun, it represents YOU!

You are a LIGHT BEING in a world that needs every LIGHT BEING to shine their light brighter.








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