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When we travel and meet people that live on the other side of the globe…we are so in touch with a real truth we can all embrace. We are ALL alike! Everyone of us on this planet care about our families, we want to live in peace, we embrace healthy living in various ways and we ALL try to make the best decisions as we know given the circumstances in our daily lives at any given moment.

There is LOVE in every corner of the world!

Traveling is not new to me, but my experience ~ in MILAN, ITALY was new. In lots of ways, I was a little apprehensive knowing that I would be giving a presentation on Reconnective Healing in front of my very informed international peers and the “experts” – our instructors! These two amazing gentlemen are now the co-directors of The Reconnection.

Together they direct the International Teaching Team…through the Global Alliance Advisory group known as the GAA –Dr. Eric Pearl is moving on to simply Directing but not teaching.  I am now  officially a member of the International Teaching Team. I will be helping to support training groups, mentoring Reconnective Healing Practitioners, giving presentations, and being an ambassador for the organization. I will share more on all of this as time goes on. I feel honored and privileged.

Meanwhile, I am first and foremost continuing my practice as a Reconnection Certified Practitioner AND I am enjoying life to its fullest! WOW…those are words each and every one of us should be saying every day, no matter what fills our days.

There is LOVE in every corner of the world!
And all of us are CONNECTED to it.

So…last week Marj and I did JUST that, we ENJOYED life to its fullest.  We gathered in Keystone Resort up in the mountains of Colorado for a very large family reunion. YES, we were enjoying “life” through the lives of other people. We were with family of all ages from 6-86, diverse backgrounds, living in 7 different states ~ each individual sharing their own life path as they greeted first and second cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandmas and grandpas. Even though there were a few missing, we had 47 people all gathering with us! Marj & I feel SO BLESSED.

Change is our daily companion and so of course we were experiencing the change in people we haven’t seen in varying lengths of time. It was incredible for us to watch our children and grandchildren share their lives with each other. For myself I loved the totally INDIVIDUALITY I was seeing in all our family. And yet…we are all so connected and ALL ONE…our souls connected in ways we can only try to understand.

I found myself listening to family stories with new understanding. We laughed a lot and we SANG fun old familiar songs through families steeped in music. We ate together, we swam in pools, chatted in hot tubs, rafted the Arkansas river, rode covered wagons to a ranch high in the mountains, hiked many miles together and marveled at the younger generation mountain biking together. Click on this link and you can see ad hear us singing together!.IMG_8505








After the reunion my husband & I traveled to Pueblo, Colorado to see Doug’s 95-year-old mother! She’s an amazing Covid survivor, troubled with dementia, but still traveling faster with her walker than most living in her Assisted Living home.

There is love in EVERY corner of the world!

Now…this all sounds like a fun travel log. But here are some of my insights of the past two weeks. I met new people from the other side of the globe and my own family…I am CONNECTED to them ALL. I learned to

  • Be a better listener. We have SO much to learn from each other, young and old alike
  • Try NEW things to enhance my life in ways I never would dream to design for myself
  • Go deep within and keep asking questions
  • OPEN the pathway of understanding people with views unlike my own
  • EXPAND…God created an unbelievable Universal field of…light, love, and information

ENERGY is another name for LOVE!  In sickness or conflict the energy might feel similar to what we perceive as slow motion. YET, we have the ability to move that energy into a higher vibrational energy. I am convinced that when we move into these frequencies we not only raise our vibrational energy, we are learning pathways to natural healing. Lord is Good to Me  Again…click on this…we are singing! In it you will see my son & grandchildren close and Marj’s son Scott say at the end, “Let’s EAT!” All of these people are in our family. We share them in pride with all of you!

On this day of your life
Terry, I believe God wants you to know …
… that it is time to move into uncharted lands.
If you want to do something you have never done before,
you have to do something you have never done before.
If you want to go somewhere you have never gone before,
you have to go somewhere you have never gone before.
You cannot do something new by doing old things. If
you want your life to change, you have to change your
life. So go ahead. It’s safe. And it’s also…about time.
Love, your Friend …
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