The POWER of Thought…

There are so many opportunities to simply STOP…and realize that the thoughts that were threading through my mind for this whole day are creating my future reality. Thought is powerful. As I woke up this morning, what did I think about? Did I remember to say it was going to be totally fantastic day today? Did I give myself any love messages as I first walked out into the kitchen? NO…I looked at the clock and asked why I was awake this early and thought…I’m going to need a nap this afternoon. I gave a message to my body. And guess what happened? At 3 PM I thought, I’m so sleepy I just need to take a nap! Okay, I did revive after 20 minutes.

Of course this is just a small and inconsequential example of why paying attention to the thoughts that we are creating can actually be a very self loving act! I remember so clearly during a particularly stressful time in my life that Dr. Wayne Dyer’s words captured my heart, “What you think about all day is what you become!” At the time I really only partially understood that he meant literally! But, because I kept hearing it, I finally realized it was a message meant for me and I needed to listen! I latched on to Louise Hay as she kept talking about how we can literally heal our life through thought.  I know that part of my own healing journey began to change for the positive when I began to put her practices into my life! At that time I needed to learn SELF LOVE in a very large way!

This morning after I convinced my body to nap, I began to stress over an issue that needed my attention. But I knew that the best place for me was on my sunporch (with SUN for a change!) starting with yoga and going into meditation! I was SO right about that one. It changed my whole demeanor and I was busy tending to a very tricky issue with LOVING and caring thoughts on how to work on it. I found it so fascinating that my mind took me to Dr. Wayne Dyer and Louise Hay just like I described above. I was reflecting on how I literally did her mirror work for months, read her book, and bought her cards written about self love…reading them daily.  I changed my heart into a place of self love at a time when I was very sick…but I literally changed my thoughts AND my life!

There was a purpose, a reason I thought about Louise Hay today. Do you pay attention when something comes into YOUR mind out of nowhere? I haven’t thought about her for a long time. THOUGHTS can and do change our lives if we allow them to change the ever present ability to sink into thoughts of frustration, anxiety, sadness, or anger about situations we think we have little control. It was a gift that somehow the Universe orchestrates for us if we pay attention to our thoughts!

I got busy doing needed house chores, not really giving my early experience much thought.  I signed up for Hay House’s  free You Can Heal Your Life Summit that is happening from January 11 – 17. I love their line up of speakers. You can click on the title of the Summit and it will connect you to the event in case you are interested. BUT, there was a “teaser” offering of speakers after signing up and who was the first one? An old lecture by Louise Hay. My thought…maybe I’m supposed to listen to this for a reason? I loved it…again! I knew I had heard it before, but there were messages right there and specific for me right now. Her incredible journey of curing herself from cancer and her uphill climb after a very abusive childhood into incredible success is stunning. She died at 91 after living life to the fullest. BUT, I was hearing her messages reminding me how POWERFUL our thoughts are on a daily basis. I believe I heard messages that have given a new meaning to ponder in my current life.

We are in total control of our thoughts. That is a pretty powerful statement when it is combined with what we now know about the metaphysical world in connection to our minds. Society helps us question our self worth every day through media. But, we can CHANGE our thought about it!

The thought that is in my head is in the process of becoming my reality!~ Terry Larkin

Finding our own pathway to self love is an ongoing and winding journey. FEED ourselves love and what we have inside of us can only come out in loving ways. What a great concept! And then there is the knowing that there are words we need to keep saying to ourselves because Peace of MIND is our greatest gift.

WE ARE love and LOVED always.

I AM complete as I AM. I AM enough.

I AM love ~there is no worthy!

Forgiveness is simply SELF LOVE in action.

Humility assures us that we are being guided by the Divine LOVE within.

Prayer is like a thought turned into reality through LOVE.

“If you know you are whole,  you don’t need to import people and stuff from the outer world to make you whole. If you know you are lovable, you don’t need ‘I love you.’ If you know you are created in the image and likeness of a perfect God, you don’t need to struggle to look like a movie star.” ~ Alan Cohen

Sometimes we simply need to surrender our control, love our life and enjoy the wild ride! I learned that SO beautifully from Dr. David Hawkins’s so many years past. Hmm…maybe I am supposed to re-read his book! That THOUGHT just came into my mind…


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