WORDS of Wisdom

WORDS of Wisdom

I know at times I am overwhelmed by the realization that the WORDS spoken by incredibly powerful people throughout time, have given us pause to really WONDER in awe at what the past is telling us about the NOW.  I was listening to some of the commentary about Martin Luther King’s legacy in our most recent past. It’s always so meaningful to hear his words. The wonder of how such an amazing man lived and spoke out in such troubled times is incredibly humbling!  We often tell ourselves  through our thinking…WISDOM seems to really only come by studying and honoring those that have come before us.

Is that wisdom?

There is a startling revelation when we ask that question through spirit! Perhaps the word WISDOM means something entirely different than we were brought up to believe.  We think of the knowledge we have learned and then we are trying to match that with our experiences to bring wisdom into our decisions in life.

I remember hearing the words…YOU are the LIGHT… WE are the LIGHT…and together we can LIGHT UP the world! Something changes within us when we realize what being ONE really means. We are not separate beings…that is only the separation of our human body from another human body. Einstein called that an illusion. Our soul lives before we arrive and will continue after we die. And all of us were part of that WHOLE before arriving. We are connected in this life through consciousness, and will be back into that WHOLE after we transition.  My life began to change so drastically once this concept went from a belief to a KNOWING.

I believe wisdom already LIVES within us and we find it within ourselves as we awaken to truths we know. ~Terry Larkin

Others have made such powerful statements when the wisdom within them awakened, very often through horrible happenings in their own lives! Rumi, Buddha, Abraham, Jesus, and countless artists, poets, and authors have written beautiful words of wisdom for us. But, WISDOM lives within US…each and every one of us. When we realize that, life is more purposeful.

We were meant to  LIVE this life to the fullest extent. We were meant to LIVE it all…the good and the bad while our spiritual self slowly awakens to all its glory. When our soul awakens to embrace the CONNECTION we all share through God and the metaphysical world…our beam of LIGHT shines so much brighter! “Let there be LIGHT”is quoted from the Bible so often and we immediately think of the creation of the sun. I heard an old webinar by Deepak Chopra recently and he says those words are not just metaphysical,  but referring to the light of intelligence!

Dr. King imagined a different future for America ~ an America he called “The Beloved Community.” Wow, what incredible words for our whole country. I think about that today and sometimes I can only WISH we would consider ourselves in a beloved community as a country! But I always especially embraced his words that “darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that!”

All of us ARE that light when we chose it. Where our thoughts go, so goes our intentions. That intent is a force within us that is shared across our planet by our own words and actions whether we are aware of it or not. Having conscious contact with spirit each day somehow ensures that our decisions in life are grounded through light and LOVE.

Meditation provides that unbelievable lifting of our thoughts and elevates them to that higher and more loving place that lives in our consciousness. It’s letting GOD simply come in.  And we can more easily do that through the quiet moments when we’ve allowed our brain to move into a higher frequency. It’s like allowing space into our already over burdened thought processes. (We get tangled in LIFE…oh yes we ARE human!) People express having trouble simply being quiet. When you add words of gratitude and LOVE thoughts in your life, and then express it to God, Jesus, spirit or whomever you think might be right there with you,  those words change.

Simply being quiet through LOVE is simply BEING ~ Words of WISDOM!

Seeing God in everyone and everything in our life, somehow shifts our thinking into love and light. We find the wisdom to suspend judgement and instead care with compassion.We feel better about ourselves, we smile more, we give more easily to others, and we find self love all at the same time! Pretty soon our words match our intentions and our life is simply easier and things seem to fall into place!

“What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are insignificant things in comparison with what lives within us.”  ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Oh yes…the wisdom is there within ourselves to CREATE the life we love. 


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  1. Thank you so much Terri. I love this. Part of coming into this knowing requires a person to accept their utter worthiness. We are a piece of God. That can be a challenge. This lifeline is a most sacred adventure and I have to remember someone’s affirmation, “dear God, help me to believe the truth about myself no matter how beautiful it is.” Thank you for being a very bright light among us!.❤️

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