Hit the RESET Button!

Happy New Year 2023: New days ahead, new MOMENTS to fill!

So often we start our new year with thoughts that we somehow need to slow down, shape up, appreciate more, make changes and hit the RESET button of our lives! And yet…that idea has been handed down to us through generations of well meaning people who thought they were SEPARATE from God, judged by God and others, alone in their life journey, and having no idea they were only living in this human body temporarily!

Let’s open that place in our heart that KNOWS.  Spirit speaks to us through our hearts when we are open to listening. We need to acknowledge the absolute perfection God has created.  That is YOU and me and every soul occupying space on this planet. We are created “in His image” ~ GOD is pure LOVE. We ARE the light, love and joy placed in this human body to experience life to it’s fullest. Sometimes we don’t FEEL joyful, our body is suffering, our mind is sending us into a tail spin and so we say to ourselves, “I need to  hit that RESET button!” We try to adjust our “human” body and our “mind”  into someone else’s idea of perfection at our particular age.

So, instead, let’s try to reset together in a more meaningful way.

Can the concept of NON judgement help us balance our spiritual side with our human tendencies?  I believe that non judgement with compassion can enhance our entire existence if we allow it into our essence of BEING. I KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt from my NDE learning, that GOD is not judging us at all. We too often worry about how others will judge us. And of course we shower our own selves with judgmental thoughts pretty easily. Let’s see if we can reset that! You have the power and the energy. And remember you don’t have energy, you ARE energy!

How can non-judgment really help me stop criticizing myself or another.  So often we hear that word “sin” in churches. The word has always caused me anxious thoughts. It’s in the Bible a lot and churches thrive on it. Jesus modeled so often the concept of non judgement with stories of forgiveness and healing for the worst of offenders. But did you know that the word “sin” in the Bible was derived from  the original Aramaic, Hebrew, and Greek languages? The word meant “we have strayed from our path.” It did not mean condemnation, it was simply a call to get back on track.

I loved the example used by Alan Cohen, in The Mystical Messiah: The Inner Meaning of the Teachings of Jesus. Pg. 112 – He was explaining the use of the word sin and gave a really good analogy for us to remember.

” If you are using a GPS navigator to guide you to a destination, and you veer from the suggested route, the GPA voice simply says “rerouting” and then provides directions from the point where you now stand. The GPS does not get emotionally involved and say, “You idiot! Why didn’t you follow my directions? You are in big trouble now! You didn’t listen to me, so I am not going to help you anymore. The Lord will punish you for violating my instructions!”

How silly that sounds to us, and yet that’s how many have perceived what “GOD” is doing up there as we might lose our path from time to time on our earthly journey…or our own ego judging our less than desirable behavior. Alan Cohen goes on to say that the GPS operates by non-emotional scientific principles. “The system is more interested in getting you to where you want to go than having an ego meltdown so it can prove it is right, or chastise you for your error. Any of those behaviors would be a waste of time and energy – exactly what guilt is. Instead the GPS simply implies, “Let’s start over from where we are now.”

I loved the rest of Alan Cohen’s writing on this. ” We might substitute the GPS initials for, “God’s Program for Salvation, “salvation meaning rerouting from what causes us pain, and course correcting toward what brings us peace.” ~pg. 113. It’s the words talked about in the Course of Miracles that says that “every human action is either a pure expression of love or a call of love.”

We are ALL looking for love…sometimes in the wrong places. In our efforts to try and become perfect, we throw our consciousness into an imaginary, never-present future or past! Instead of past or future thoughts…let’s RESET instead and create from each and every present moment.

Your soul is already perfect through pure Divine Creation. ALL realization is right there in the knowingness of your heart. In the metaphysical world of Quantum Physics…know it, believe it and live it!

YOU are the creator of your mind’s thoughts and actions. Follow YOUR GPS…and reroute when needed! No judgement involved…your “to do” list should be called a BE list! ~ BE LOVE 


May each moment come to you wrapped in all the wonder and joy of living.

May LOVE bring glimpses of all you are reaching for.

May there always BE incredible wishes shining in your LIGHT.

May the days and months bring on the joy, allowing a rainbow to follow any storm.

May every day BE as special as your heart.

May the passing of time allow your heart to sing, your feet to dance, and your wings soar.

May each day bring you all the happiness you deserve…BE LOVE!

Terry & Marj 



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