The Wonder of it ALL!

This past week, I decided to put myself into that place that can be so beautiful…a place of WONDER. It’s not a place that I’ve let myself go lately. In meditation I more often try to clear my mind…and let thoughts drift rather than wonder about them.  I just went back to last week’s blog and re-read Marj’s words about Spring. This time I was reading it for a different purpose. Quite frequently we are helping each other find typos and grammatical oddities, but this time I put myself into that place of wondering.  This reading brought out totally different thoughts than when I read it last week! Thank you Marj! So, I began doing some re-reading of my own blogs over the past month. I was reading with a sense of wonder in my heart. Moving into a that heart space, I experienced new thoughts generated by my own writing!

In a state of wonder I realized that instead of thinking I had answers, I was allowing myself to let a voice beyond me  flow into my too crowded mind. I realized that the stopping to wonder brought amazing peace into my soul. Maybe it’s because I found a type of listening that I’ve been blocking a little bit lately.

I wonder…is it because last week I was lost in worry for Doug’s  94 year old mother who went from Assisted Living into the hospital with Covid 19? Yes, I’m sure that is part of it, but it is not all of it.

I wonder…is it because I’ve been contemplating how precious life really is?  Yes, that is part of it, but it is not all of it.

I wonder…is it because I gave Distance Healings for my mother-in-law every day last week? Yes, that is part of it, but it is not all of it.

I’m at peace and today I wondered, why now when my life is completely crazy? Mom is holding her own and doing better each day and for that I am incredibly thankful. But there is a long road ahead with issues that are very complex. So why am I suddenly more at peace? We have lots of unanswered questions about how we can safely get back into living life. I have worries for my own children and their families.  But, I shifted from worry to wonder, not just during meditation but as I went through my day…what a HUGE difference it has made! I am hoping that perhaps you might like to give it a try and so I wanted to share what has been happening!

Last week I took the time to join a discussion of a book that Dr. Eric Pearl, founder of Reconnective Healing,  wrote with the man who initially began to channel information to Dr. Pearl while he was in his Chiropractic Office. His name is Frederick Ponzlov. The title of the book is Solomon Speaks on Reconnecting Your Life. I had read the book several times during my training for Reconnective Healing. But, we were challenged in this Zoom book study group to take the reading very slow and try to analyze our thoughts about each sentence. It can bring really rich discussion between people.  Solomon is the voice (spirit guide or guides) that Frederick Ponzlov hears. It is similar to Suzanne Giesemann who channels information from spirit she calls “Sanaya”. But for Frederick Ponzlov, he calls the spirit Solomon. The book offers some beautiful insights into life and how unique each one of us is.  We came here for a reason. We came to learn. He begins the book by challenging all readers….

“I want you to wonder…I want you to realize another plane…part of a much greater plane…you have always been part of the cycle…you are here to facilitate your perception…you are coming into a plateau of existence…we have much to understand in this space.”

I moved into that sense of wonder again, much like  I did for the years following my NDE. This time, that wonder is bringing me such hope for the future. I know that I found a new meaning in the word hope listening to Deepak Chopra and Oprah for 21 days during their meditation series. They really helped me internalize that hope is an actual force that we can place in our daily existence to activate and make real change in our lives. And yet, we are all on a journey of our own. We understand at such different levels. And not only that…as I found today re-reading, we understand differently when we put our thoughts to work using a sense of wonder instead of saying, “Oh, I know that.”

Yes, I am feeling at peace. I wonder if it will last? Will fear creep up inside me again? In wonder, my thoughts change to love instead of fear. A shift in consciousness happens as we slide in and out of the two worlds we live in.

Today as I was outside dabbling in the garden during this beautiful sunny day. I had been putting off being outside in the cold and today seemed only slightly different. But I took my sense of wonder with me. As I pulled weeds I kept an eye on those beautiful daffodils that are standing tall even after snow last week… I wonder how they are so adaptable to the ups and downs of weather. I wonder if we are just as adaptable and answered right away, of course! I planted some new tulip bulbs last fall and I see they are getting close to opening up. I wonder…will they be as beautiful as I remembered seeing them at the gardens where I picked them out? I used my organic fertilizer, I wonder…will that smell help the rabbits leave my tulips alone and not eat them!? My weeds were pulled, dead branches picked up, the time flew by, and I came in feeling totally peaceful.

Hope…it’s beautiful when we activate it using our sense of wonder.  We are not in control of the outcome of what is happening around us, and yet we are able to do our part to contribute through compassion and love for all. When we surrender the need for that control, let God be in control, our sense of wonder will grow and expand our thoughts into actions that are helpful to all those around us.

I realized that’s exactly what we do as we offer a Reconnective Healing. As the healer, we are the conduit only, to set up that three way communication grid between ourselves, the person needing the healing, and God. We are the observer and the observed through awareness. We surrender the outcome in the wonder of recognizing God’s Amazing Presence during the healing session.

I wonder if you will try it in your life today?  I love the peace it has brought into my  mind, body, and spirit.  Life is always unfolding. I’ve re-discovered a deep way to listen for God’s voice…always sharing amazing Divine love.

I wonder…will I discover other new ways to listen?

STAY SAFE all of you…and delight in peace when it comes! Our children provide HOPE…with our nurturing!






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  1. What a WONDER-ful column! In these challenging times inspiration is what the world needs. Thank you.

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