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What IF…we are only just beginning to realize we are part of a much bigger picture! Many of us are awakening to the thought that we are hardly alone in this gigantic Universe and and yet,  right here on our own planet we have mysteries that keep us searching. In fact, there are times we are overwhelmed simply by the thought that there is so much more to our lives than we have been led to believe our whole lives! I’m in total AWE and WONDER of God’s amazing creation of human beings. When I sit in silence these days, I now have the KNOWING that I’m never alone. You know what? That is a pretty comforting thought! What IF everyone knew that?

Here is a challenge for you! I would love if  you would click on the following picture and simply study it for awhile. I will share it on a high tech photograph. BUT, take your best guess as to what you THINK it might be?! I will share with you at the end of this post, but we would LOVE it if you would share with us in the comments what you initially thought it was! Write it down…don’t cheat, just read on!

There are many mystics and spiritual gurus that tell us we are part of a huge planetary era of change! If you are reading this post, you are likely already awakened to the fact that we are infinite beings living only a temporary life in this human body that was given a name. And we have a sense of the afterlife where our departed loved ones, angels, and the masters help us realize they are around us all the time! WHAT IF we count on them to answer our questions?

And now I find that the concepts understood in Reconnective Healing and taught by Dr. Eric Pearl and Jillian Fleer are telling us the same thing! Our advancing awakened souls are realizing that the concept of healing is actually simple in it’s design, but we want to complicate it all. I understand why. We have beliefs that are holding us back from all the good news that even Jesus tried to tell us 2,000 years ago! What IF we all believed we could heal?  We are awakening to new ideas and concepts as a human species at an incredible speed…if we think of time differently than our linear concept of this life.

These are concepts that have been coming alive for me slowly ever since my NDE. I stopped to think about that more recently for some reason. I’ve been feeling change coming and something is nudging me to reflect back. It has been 39 years ago! July 16, 1982. My old self would say…don’t share ANY of your thoughts that are arising, you will understand them more as time goes on. Well…that was the old me, and here I am sharing now because I have received some pretty validating information from people I totally TRUST and RESPECT who are out there saying the same thing now! This week I was listening to Suzanne Giesemann and Marj & I  can’t wait to share more from her soon. But, if you get a chance to hear her, it is so worthwhile. She presented the following idea with her own words and understanding that was incredible.

We can look at our lives in three ways that represent our totality, let’s take a look at that.

  1. Our HUMAN self – this is my human story, the life of Terry Larkin. I spent a great deal of time in this self.
  2. My FINITE self – my human story as Terry Larkin with AWARENESS of my infinite self. Doors opened wide to incredible learning about LIFE and why I am here. Growth expands each and every day!
  3. My INFINITE self which is my soul that lives within this human body.  Miracles, God Moments, Heaven ~my human self only gets “glimpses” of this and yet the more of them I have the more I let myself EXPAND.

Here is a video where I expand on these concepts as I explore the NATURE of SUSPICION. We all have doubts that surface, but I think you might find it interesting that this time I chose a different path. Click here to listen to the video if you do not find it below!

I want to emphasize something I only touched on in the video. TRUST is a huge movement into a new paradigm if your want to help your inner KNOWINGS arrive and send graphic messages directly to YOU! Have you put HEAVEN into your heart?

LOVE is not just a word we use in our human existence. It is a POWERFUL force that lives within us because GOD lives within us.

LOVE has no belief system or religious leaning.

LOVE is the energetic UNIVERSAL FIELD that created our world and holds it all together

LOVE is our true essence as we CONNECT with every plane of existence. You are NEVER alone.

LOVE has no suspicion! TRUST yourself…not me or my words here…TRUST you!

Yes, change is coming and I am hoping that science will merge  into the spiritual world to explain our existence so that more of us understand our place in this amazing UNIVERSAL existence. This is a stunning photo of one of the most detailed models of a human cell to date, “obtained using x-rays, nuclear magnetic resonance and cryoelectron microscopy data sets.” ONE human cell. Can you imagine the possibilities?

jain108academy.com  will show you some incredible photos as well as a short 3 minute video called Epiphanies about his life. He had an NDE. It’s the world of sacred geometry that opened up for him. Deepak Chopra says often, our consciousness lives in EVERY cell in our body! To view this CELL image, click here or put in a search for Eukaryotic human cell by Evan Ingersoll in a search. These two men worked together on this.

If God and the Universe live in every single cell of our body, can you imagine what they are doing every moment of the day as they operate and direct my human body?  Isn’t God’s LOVE for each of us amazing!



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