Building HOPE

Oh the CHOICES we make in life can be challenging. I am building HOPE in my own world that is full of changes that can sometimes keep me from the JOY we were talking about in last weeks post!  I went for a slow thoughtful barefoot walk out into the grass of my yard and then I let my toes squeeze in the sand by my lake as I saw my wonderful companion, a great blue heron fly off! My heart lifted and a smile emerged on my face!  The soft feeling of love was creeping up through my body. Nature reminded me that I’m building that inner peace in compassion for myself  knowing how temporary each and every moment of our life really is! Nature somehow is able to REMIND me that the nourishment we really need comes FROM nature. Yes, in a nutritious sense, but there is a needed nourishment for our soul. Can nature provide that? We can’t forget that we, as humans, through God, are a product of this amazing natural world. Ah…the energy of fresh air, warm sunlight, and God’s amazing creation opening in a fresh new way every moment.

We are continually building HOPE for a better tomorrow. But, our minds can literally throw us WAY off base trying to predict what tomorrow will bring! I’ve known for so many years now that if I dwell on those negative things that MIGHT happen, I can actually manifest that in my reality. YIKES…that thought alone helps me shift into building HOPE instead of ______. I’ll let you fill in the blank.

This past weekend we all had those moments of “REMEMBRANCE” of lives lost so tragically in our country twenty years ago. And yet, I really believe we are building a collective HOPE in a world that needs every single one of us to help us shift a collective consciousness! I have had the privilege of experiencing people world wide that also want to shift the world’s consciousness into one filled with compassion, peace, love, light, and HOPE for a better tomorrow.

This always shifts me into a place of wanting to better understand what the word, consciousness really means! Science tries to define it in their unique way with so much controversy that they cannot come up with a common definition! Quantum physics emerged because prevailing scientific ideas could no longer explain certain phenomena. Quantum Physics overturned the established view of our material world…and yet remnants of beliefs that we all grew up on still persist!

Quantum physics says our consciousness has a very decisive role in creating our experiences! But of course the burden of proof is still dragged down by traditional beliefs of scientists who simply cannot make a shift. Some of us shoulder that same burden. Where, when, and how did we LEARN about our world and put the concepts into our daily lives and they STUCK?  Marj and I both had experiences in LIGHT that also STUCK, persisted, and have shaped our consciousness in ways that seem to match many others that are emerging into a KNOWING that reality is not the same for all of us AND it’s very complex!

Marj and I would BOTH like to challenge you to some thoughts that are forming your own reality! What experiences or who has turned YOUR life upside down? What beliefs shifted at that time, or over time, that helped form your reality of today? Is your reality changing? Are you STUCK into what someone else taught you, but you are feeling a nudge to question the ideas?

Again, I’d like to share something that Marj ( Isn’t she just amazing!) sent me through her friend, Marianne Houston. This is a poem that is an IMAGINED conversation between two fine physicists, and then the advice we are given. Including in this is a CHALLENGE for you! Don’t just read it and set it aside. READ it, digest it, print it out, digest it, pray on it, ask your guides or angels for advice on it…and re-read it days later. THAT made a difference for me. We hope YOU enjoy!

A Poet looks to physicists

 A physicist looks at Light.

Max Planck

(and he would know)

tells us

“Light is an entity

that holds the universe

within itself.”


Another friend

from the mysterious world

of Physics,

Arthur Zajonc,


“It is ourself we study

when we consider Light.”

Consulting other of his wise friends

Arthur muses, from his

meditative perch:

“Light falling on the eye

provides Sight.

Until that stunning moment

Light lives in a universe

all its own.  And

Light falling in us, on our

Consciousness …”


“Yes… Light falling within us,

on our consciousness, provides

Sight.  Let’s call it


“But that’s what we’re looking for!” his students respond.

And Arthur smiles calmly

and reminds them:

“Yes, yes.  Consciousness

is the eye and  ear,

is the sense for inner and outer



is coming to Life and Sight.

“I recommend a long and lovely

walk with our consciousness

where the natural worlds

— our inner and outer natural worlds! –

will help us see and hear.

“Our subtle bodies

and our awakened minds

will love it.”


We ARE the HOPE of the world…one at a time. We take ourselves out into the natural world, we keep ourselves mindful of our inner world, and we create reality. We continually accept changes that are part of LIFE…our forever LIFE. ~ Terry Larkin


This quote …is my mantra in life these days!! “See the light in others & treat them as if that is all you see!” ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer




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