Nature’s LAUGH

This morning  I was out on my porch meditating, or should I say getting DISTRACTED.  I had a REALLY good laugh. The experience  lifted my spirits so much I thought I needed to share the story with you.  There has been a  Great Blue Heron which has been entertaining us every morning now for several weeks. We call him BLUE. Doug and I will go back and forth with, ” Look, BLUE is here with us again, go look!” I never tire of watching him eye a fish to grab or  spread his  wings…and fly. He often hangs around our boat and fishes. But, this morning I had a good laugh too. There was this lone duck  swimming around in the water by him. We have many ducks so it is unusual to see just one lone duck out there by himself…quacking away like he was trying to get someones attention.

It appeared that the heron was getting annoyed with that duck and flew over further along the beach edge. He had just landed and went down to grab a fish and off flew the duck again right by him. I had a nice chuckle. But I was incredibly surprised to watch this happen two more times! BLUE would fly off  a distance further only to be followed by this duck. I just had to laugh…this scenario  somehow fits our  human condition at times.

Here’s a lonely duck out there trying to get some company feeling like he really needed to have a friend to pay attention to him. The heron was not having it…I’m just too busy right now, leave me alone! Either that or the duck was somehow trying to protect his fish friends. Eventually BLUE flew all the way to the other side of the lake.

I really thought I should be getting back to meditation anyway. But, I realized I had a very meaningful meditation out in nature. I already had been MEDITATING for probably 15 minutes. Sometimes we think we have to simply sit with our eyes closed and see what takes place.  I do that too and it is totally helpful. However, depending on what you do with your mind during these peeks at nature in the quiet of morning…very valuable thoughts seem to permeate through the layer of worries or agendas for the day. Nature is so captivating, I believe it cloaks our bodies in  beautiful and peaceful love.

THEN, do you know what happened a short time later after I was busy getting ready to go walking? There he was again by our boat. BUT…this time he looked like he was hiding. I really had a good belly laugh then. You might have to click on the picture to even see the heron. That picture of hiding from the world was a very valuable insight for me. There was a message that I needed to hear. It’s personal so I won’t share it all.  But there are times when I know I need to ALLOW my love to be shared in a more valuable way than I do sometimes. I think as human beings we sometimes “hide” hoping that no one will notice our greatness so we don’t have to STEP out of our comfort zone.

I decided to look up the spiritual meaning of the great blue heron to see if there was more meaning for me. Oh yes, these connections are so important for us to realize.

“The blue heron symbolism talks about self-reliance and self-determination. Those with the blue heron spirit animal in the Native American tradition possess innate wisdom and strength that helps them maneuver and co-create their own situations and achievements in life.”

I also realized at the same moment, that I  got this message a few weeks back, but I never put it together at the time. I was like the heron…I was  too busy at the moment, getting ready to do errands. But soon I was grabbing my phone to take a picture of a bird that I don’t think we’ve EVER had come visit us here. I took in the beautiful moment…but I never thought if there might be a message for me. Here is the Ibis that visited us right in front of our house on the sand just a few feet from where you see the heron by our boat. She was SO beautiful and I stood so quietly to take it all in. I know Ibis is a common bird in many places, but I knew how unique it was to have a visit here at our tiny lake.

I DID manage to get a beautiful photo of her in flight. As I look back on the photos now, my body vibrates as I realize nature CAN and DOES bring us what we might need at the very precise moment we need it. I needed it that day and it has taken me weeks to take it in. BUT…that’s okay. It helps me open wider to the possibilities that exist in our midst every single day when we take the time to stay in the present moment and NOTICE. And YES, I can laugh even at my shortcomings…while I enjoy the learning.

“Nature is so captivating, I believe it cloaks our bodies in beautiful and peaceful love. The vibration of LOVE is the very fabric of which our universe is comprised. Healing weaves through every ounce of love poured into our bodies. Nature can be the catalyst allowing the vibrational healing to manifest itself within the body.” ~ Terry Larkin


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