I am dreaming of a whole world at peace. I am dreaming of all families united and loving one another in totally amazing ways. I am dreaming of walking into a pyramid and experiencing incredible energy. I am dreaming of my walks on the peaceful beach right near me, but it’s not always so peaceful! I am dreaming of growing the most beautiful flowers in a garden so I can always have vases full in my house.

I am dreaming of my NDE…experiencing the incredible white light and indescribable colors wrapped in unconditional love. We can name some pretty spectacular places or thoughts of life in perfection as our human body wishes. We can even visualize and take ourselves to those places!

What are YOUR dreams? Sometimes I think as we age we begin to lose the dreams that we so often visualized in our younger days. And yet,  it brings a smile to “be like the child…laugh, run, play in pure joy of everything happening.”

Is there an ART to dreaming? I’ve pondered on this topic over the years. I know that there are people that have devoted their whole LIVES to studying dreams and what they might mean in our lives.

Ready to laugh?  One day this week I woke up in the morning and I pulled myself out of bed because I was having trouble shaking my dream.  I was desperately trying to get help from any other driver…to get the semi-truck that I was driving down off a mountain that was filled with mud and I was trying to back down the hill. Okay now…I think I WON’T analyze that one! Instead I should visualize a Native American “dream catcher” gathering up that dream instead. Yes, dreams have been discussed since the beginning of time.

You have read about the dreams in our book that  I had soon after our father passed…offering information about a lost box of silver. Another time I once woke up and thought I was flying…and there I was out of bed with my arms out and didn’t wake until I fell flat on the floor. And three of Marj’s friends heard Anne’s voice in dreams saying the same words of comfort that all was well. These were REAL dreams. I can’t call my visitation with Anne a dream, because it was REAL and she was in spirit form there with me.

The scientific study of dreams is called Oneirology. Probably the most famous Oneirologist is Signed Freud. He indicated that a dream is the “gate to express human subconscious emotions.” He felt that dreams are a series of thoughts, images, and sensations that occur in the human’s mind during sleeping. What about the reality of who we really ARE…a spiritual being living in a human body? What about our soul’s journey? Do we dream about our past or future?

As I read through various articles, I realized that today most information eventually refers to the neurologist or a psychiatrist for answers. Unfortunately far too many of them are not challenging science or using their spiritual insights. There are many psychologists and scientists like Bruce Lipton, Deepak Chopra, Dr. David Hawkins, and Gregg Braden to name only a few of the greats, that are providing new thought. Slowly it is challenging society to take another look. And yet, I believe we need to go inward and into our soul for some answers!

Dreams… can we create them?

If we accept that our human brain is storing 96% of our subconscious thoughts, which science does agree on, can we power through long held beliefs using conscious, daytime dreaming? Our minds are so creative and yet we’ve somehow let go of those childhood dreams that might forge our way to a more beautiful future! And perhaps it is through these “dreams” that we can create a future we really want. We can create illness…how about if we create health instead! Is that creative dreaming? YES!

Think about your soul for a minute… I am going to quote from a book I just read given to me by my very beautiful friend Mary called the Soul of an Octopus: A Surprising Exploration into the Wonder of Consciousness by Sy Montgomery. It’s a beautiful read about sea animals and especially touching learning about incredible  people who have researched and worked with Octopuses and found incredible personalities! In it she is asking too…what IS a soul?

” Some say it is the self, the ‘I” that inhabits the body; without the soul, the body is like a lightbulb with no electricity. But it is more than the engine of life, say others; it is what gives life meaning and purpose. Soul is the fingerprint of God.” ~ Sy Montgomery

I love the idea that our body is like a lightbulb with no electricity. Our soul is the critical connection! I also think that some of us are walking around in bodies that are running on a 25 watt bulb instead of a 1000 watt LED bulb! But perhaps we have to be the one to choose.

She goes on…”Others say that soul is our innermost being, the thing that gives us our senses, our intelligence, our emotions, our desires, our will, our personality and identity…and if I have a soul…so does an octopus!” ~Sy Montgomery after so many years of research.

Such a creative mind to KNOW… YOU have that same CREATIVE mind…we all do!We simply need to turn up the light…I’m switching over to a cost-effective, energy saving alternative to the 25 watt bulb… it sits within me and is known as my soul’s energy system! Can you imagine our world when WE ALL turn up our light?!









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