Healing ~ Open Infinite Possibilites

This week, I’m going to shift gears from my usual and allow a little bit of healing to come directly to you! Tune into your energy field as you read. And allow the frequencies to simply shift over to you.

I want to introduce you to Dr. Eric Pearl’s co director, Rob Koenig. I have spent so much time with Rob now that I am excited to share some of his words…

“…The RH experience helps to unlock our natural capacity to return to balance and harmony on all levels through a resonance with naturally occurring frequencies of energy, light and information.” ~ Rob Koenig

Let’s think for a moment. Can I OPEN myself to infinite possibilities? My conscious mind is always creating…all throughout my life of 72 years. I was totally unaware I was creating until the last 10 – 15 years. I can’t pick a date when it became a knowing. Following my NDE I was more aware of the reality of the universe and our ONENESS. But it has taken many years of searching, learning, and processing to realize my own incredible potential as a spiritual being living in a human body. My understanding of healing keeps growing. And YES, I opened the world of infinite possibilities through a Reconnective Healing Experience. (RHE)

I am always so humbled when I look back over the years. So many incredible human beings have been placed in my path. You heard their names in our book and on our website blog posts during the six years following. Not any of these individuals were met by coincidence! However, I remain in awe of God’s creation. How does the Universe orchestrate it all? Every single one of you have an equally incredible line up of just right encounters. We were meant to be in community to help one another. Yes…I’m in awe!

How can it be that we are all creating a life so perfect? I know I hear you already saying, “Could I have really created this?” Whatever negative circumstances we have usually pop in our minds at this time.

But…I know I can change that!

Change my thoughts…

Change my mind…

Change my feelings towards…infinite possibilities!

Change any thoughts into love…

Change my life…and then pay attention to my next thought!

OPEN the world of infinite possibilities!

And when I think perhaps I need help… there is help around me!  I simply need to ask!

Healing is a complicated and complex topic when we embrace our own unique thoughts about health. Are we in control? Can we reconnect with our source ~ God ~ and find out where our hang ups might be coming from? Am I holding on to beliefs that are no longer valid or helpful? I do know I might have to make changes in my day to day living.

When we realize that our brain is like a computer it is easier to visualize. We were born in perfection with a brain that had no “programs” yet. We quickly downloaded everything over time through our culture, family, church, and community. We have been operating on programs wondering where they came from. But, we ARE the technology we are looking for. We CAN and DO create our own programs now. Are we creatively using the amazing powers given to us as gifts? Healing is a piece of that puzzle.


Here is a link to an interview that Rob Koenig did with a group in Dallas, Texas. Click here to read his words about healing. This is not a video, it is an article that was written through an interview with a magazine Natural Awakenings that is known in the Dallas- Ft. Worth area. The title of the article is Personal Transformation Through Reconnective Healing.

I want to end this blog post now because I REALLY encourage you to read this article and process what Rob Koenig’s words might mean to you!

At the end when he refers to the LIVE Catalyst Training in Dallas, TX in April, I too will be at the training in my new role as part of the Global Teaching Team. I am honored and I will be blessed to meet so many incredible people that will make a difference in my life once again!

I will follow up on any questions, comments or insights  you might have! Please email me at terry@thelightgap.com to ask your questions. During my next blog post I will be addressing the many questions about healing!

Stay tuned and join me! And do click here to read this important article.

YOU are full of INFINITE possibilities!


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