LIGHT is a Reflection

   “There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” ~ Edith Wharton 

We are all heading into that beautiful holiday season that is full of beautiful moments, emotional remembrances, new encounters with “old” family and friends, and  encounters with NEW faces reminding us that life always presents us with new opportunities! Patterns of our past are triggered during this season that we all hope is filled with joy, love and peace, but sometimes sorrow or anxiety show up instead!

There is the realization that this holiday  is a celebration of LIFE long ago in a tiny little baby born in a manger bringing hope into a world filled with strife, social injustice, and inequality. Hmm…all of this still exists today, but in a much more complicated form. I hope we don’t get stuck in the long ago…we need to take the learning and apply it to our lives today.  Let’s take the message of hope and turn it into LIGHT, sending it into a world that needs our love more than ever! Are you with me?

We are all capable of spreading light and I hope you will take this concept into your life during this holiday season. But, there is so much more. I found this quote by Edith Wharton in a book called INSPIRATION 365 Days a Year, by Zig Ziglar. I pondered about the meaning for a long time because I thought it seemed like a conflicting message. Something made me pick up this book after it was dusted off on a shelf I was cleaning out to put more “Christmas” into our home. I know to pay attention when looking at a book that grabs my attention more than usual.  I opened it to the page with this quote. What an inspiration! I KNOW…and as always it had a message for me.

“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” ~ Edith Wharton 

I AM the LIGHT, YOU are the LIGHT…that message was written so often in our book, The Light GAP: God’s Amazing Presence, you must have almost thought we  were off somewhere in the land of an ideal life.  After my NDE, I couldn’t stop saying the words to describe the love I experienced. Marj began to tell everyone about the amazing LIGHT and the presence of love that enveloped her bringing the total joy and peace that we are all at the core of our being.

We can spread this LIGHT through incredible emotional insights… so can YOU! Read the quote again…”there are two ways of spreading light.” Each of us is a beacon of light because it exists within us all, always sending out to the world when we open ourselves to spread that light in every corner of our lives. Sometimes that light is dim…that is life in  human form.  Here is the rest of the quote that helped me place my life into perspective. “or the mirror that reflects it.” Of course it is the light reflected that might be more powerful…

We look in the mirror and see an image of ourselves. If we know that we are a brilliant LIGHT unto the world…the reflection comes straight back to us helping us to GLOW BRIGHTER than ever. That image keeps reflecting back to others and back to us in that ebb and flow of life growing ever more brilliant when we allow our thoughts to make sure we KNOW…we ARE the light!

I realize now that I am BOTH the candle of light and the mirror.  Most likely ALL of you are the candle of light…and I hope you are mirror as well! But each of us takes on the challenge at this point. You can’t mirror love back to the universe until you take on the very difficult task of self love!



“TAKE it on! YOU can do it, love yourself…you are an amazing creation of God! Light energy is INFINITE…it never ends. YOU are infinite as well. We are a lasting image for all eternity, wrapped in unconditional love!”  ~Terry Larkin


Enjoy the beauty of it all now as you experience the holidays in  your own unique way. Be joy…it’s your birthright!


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  1. Just lovely thoughts. I’m thinking of a line I grew up with: “Don’t hide your light under a bushel.” And I always loved “This little Light of Mine.”

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