TIME to Laugh!


I wrote a blog post with this title back in November of 2019. This is not the same. BUT this past weekend I was looking for my own words hoping to somehow alter my own looping thought patterns that were interfering with my meditation time.

I chuckled RIGHT away because this photo of the frog could be ME with my earphones on, wrapped in my warm PJ’s and instead of enjoying yoga, my foot was up on pillows wrapped in a ankle brace and I was looping thoughts of frustration instead of finding the deep peace so often brought to me in meditation!

LIFE HAPPENS…and as much as we map out our pathway of enjoyment, a sprained ankle was hardly my PLAN! My husband and I were SO enjoying the company of our grandson, Jackson, who is graduating from High School in a few weeks! We wanted to spend some quality – one on one-  time with him as he is one very busy guy. We were so blessed to be able to work out a whole day with him.




So, after lunch the three of us headed out to play golf. We were having a spectacular time when I twisted funny right in the middle of a golf swing. Instead of hitting the ball my body ended up in a TWISTED BALL on the ground on top of my ankle which was at a very odd angle! Now THERE was a sight that could have made American’s Funniest Home videos, but my kind, very tall grandson came running over to help me get up with a concerned look on his face. I laughed in embarrassment and promptly kept insisting I was JUST fine….and found myself in ER the next morning. My ankle was so swollen and bruised that walking on it was hardly an option.

Is there a time in your life when you simply did not want to accept reality?  It might not surprise any of you to hear me say I’m NOT very good at sitting still when it isn’t a choice. It’s so funny too because I LOVE my morning routine and I can meditate and read spiritual literature literally for hours.  I crave time to read literature for long periods. But, this time it was someone else saying…stay off it. “But, I can’t, I’ve got too much to do!”  I was heading to New York in 5 days.

Hmm…my turn to remind MYSELF that I am totally in charge of my thoughts! Healing is what my body needed and that included rest, staying put, icing and elevating my foot in this brace I was given. It took me awhile to “accept” what is and realize I could CHOOSE to be frustrated and angry OR, I could CHOOSE to enjoy the TIME given to me with a smile on my face.

Choose joy? Choose misery? I think many of us actually choose misery sometimes because it is simply comfortable and it’s what we have ALWAYS done. I’m not talking about a physical injury now, but our choices in LIFE. The choice to let go of control.

I settled into my chair on our sunporch with a cup of coffee and beautiful candles sending shadows around my collection of important objects designed to help me tune deep into my heart. I put my earphones on and curled up in my favorite deep purple throw blanket to begin meditation…foot elevated and throbbing. I took out a passage I needed to reread to allow my thoughts to dissolve and then move into silence.

“Surrendering our thoughts, feelings, deeds, and actions to God or Source is our path to self realization…This isn’t difficult. Anytime we choose to turn our gaze away from our perceived problems and directly at the energy of love, we are surrendered. In that moment we aren’t trying to receive anything, even peace of mind. We are embracing total uncertainly with our heart wide open to whatever comes next. Even if it isn’t what we wanted. Knowing that all is correct in spite of the fact that we may be experiencing great discomfort.” ~Addison Palmore Pg. 119  Just Be.

You know what happened?

I emerged with a huge SMILE on my face. There is something amazing that happened when I simply said, “I surrender”…Om Namah Shivaya. These words are Sanskrit meaning “surrender to the ONE” or “Thy will be done.” It is a message of pure love. This time it was a surrender to WHAT IS. I don’t have to be in perfect health to be happy.

“I ate TOO many flies!”

I had a good belly laugh over that one!  My words could be “I swung my golf club TOO hard!”

Could the Universe be trying to tell me to SLOW down and enjoy the journey? YES, it could be. Did I need to re-read some of my own words from back in November of 2019? I did that…perhaps you might enjoy those words about LAUGHTER and TIME

While I read, my mind took me to my most deep and personal spiritual encounter with a baby sloth.

I took TIME to simply enjoy the moments in my chair, looking out at the water and the sun sparkling in the water…and write to ALL of you…while healing moves into my ankle and foot. When you read this I WILL be in New York helping with a Reconnective Healing Training and celebrating 50 years of marriage while we are in NEW YORK. I will laugh with this group and enjoy. We will celebrate by staying a few extra days just for US! Will I be walking well? WHO KNOWS.

TIME is precious and yet time can SLOW or it can FLY. Time can be totally mind boggling when it stands still or alters from our every day linear perspective…like during my NDE or during Marj’s STE, her LIGHT Experience in her home. When life hands you a miracle that is unexplained, I believe it alters your brain, transfers the knowledge to your mind, and the experience is permanently lodged into body memory. The experience I had with the sloth in Peru stopped time too… how and why? It was for my learning. Mind, body and spirit are so completely intertwined. It has helped me realize that for whatever reason, after my NDE, I have never questioned the fact that time is an illusion. I experienced altered time.

Take a look at nature…laugh and ENJOY your every day moments. Stay in the present moment because that is the most important place to be!




Laughter is LOVE turned inward to YOU and then OUTWARD to all those around you! Remember…LOVE and LAUGHTER is medicine for all of us!

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