LIGHT of the World…

I’ve been totally “changed” through LIGHT ever since July 16, 1982. I’m speaking of the physical, spiritual, psychological, and emotional qualities that filter through my human self. And yet…I’m first and foremost a spiritual BEING having a human experience.  WHY is this so profound for me at the moment? I’m not sure, but I always pay close attention to a reoccurring thought that is coming to me from within. It is a thought that has lit up my world once again.  What IS the LIGHT of the world?

LIGHT changed my earthly experience in absolutely profound ways.

I think there might be something that touched that beautiful place in my heart that KNEW the wondrous indescribable light came from HOME and came back with me in my body. And yet…we ALL have that LIGHT within us whether we have had an “experience” through light or not! When we choose to remember and turn the light up, it helps us navigate some of the dark moments in life. When we make a habit of remembering our own light…what a difference it makes as we share that beacon of light with the world.

Here are a few questions for you to ponder. Do you stop to think that you brought light WITH you when you were born?  Are you aware there is even a source of light within you? Do you think you WERE a being of light?  Is “remembering the light” part of your journey in this lifetime? I think that is the “forgetting” that so many spiritual masters speak of when they talk about becoming enlightened. It’s a remembering of WHO we really are…and how complex that thought process is. Is the energy of light…LOVE?

I knew that I was a BEING of LIGHT after I left my body during my NDE. I saw beings of light all around me and felt totally ABSORBED into the incredible LIGHT and LOVE of God. I’m sure my light dimmed in comparison to the beings around me. BUT, I believe I brought light back with me AGAIN.

We ARE the light of the world! YOU are the light of the world. Sharing that energy of love with others is why we came into this life. I heard an interesting statement as I was reading A Note from the Universe TUT… Mike Dooley was pondering too. “Deep down, I’ve always wondered about living with “Christ Consciousness” a.k.a. enlightenment or self realization. Is it real? Is it attainable? Can I achieve it? Living  24/7 with deep peace and acceptance? Healing? Revitalizing? Performing indisputable miracles? And loving myself and others with such intensity that I’m on the verge of happy tears all day long?” What an amazing thought to ponder.

With the recent death of my mother-in-law I was again reminded of the totally amazing LIGHT and LOVE she experienced as she left her body.  She found the beautiful peace and pain free existence we will all experience again one day ~ wrapped in LOVE and LIGHT. The day before she died is when I found that amazing light filled angel in meditation that I referenced in my last post. I was so at peace knowing that she was transitioning.  I knew this was on YouTube somewhere. I listened to the beautiful music and took a screen shot of it with my phone…and today I finally found it again…Healing Meditation with Rain Sound. Once again I was struck with the amazing Light surrounding this angel and the total peace that enveloped me.

I remembered a page that I had marked in one of  Suzanne Giesemann’s early writing called LOVE Beyond Words: 365 Days of Inspiration from Spirit.  I haven’t had the book out in quite awhile, but I have used it for quotes many times in the past. I was surprised to find the page I had marked many years ago…this is on the April 24 page…Monday this year, the day I always do my writing.


“Why do you speak of God as “Light”? Why do you wish others “love and light”? What is light, but energy~vibrant energy which dispels darkness, revealing Presence. Does not light allow you to see what before you did not realize was there? Does it not bring warmth and comfort? Are these all not qualities of that which you know as God?

When we speak of “light within,” know that you carry these same qualities of brightness, warmth, and comfort within your very being. That light is always present. It is the very fuel which gives you life. If you feel enveloped in darkness, you need only ask to see the light, to be revealed. In the asking, with this heart-felt intention and desire, you are your own fire-starter.

Allow your light to shine forth so that you may serve as a beacon of God’s love to all with whom you deal. Blessings be upon you this day as you shine your light upon the world.”

…it is the very fuel which gives you life! Remember YOUR light as you gather the blessings and SHINE, SHINE, SHINE! Our world needs every single one of us to be a beacon of light for others!




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