New Beginnings

Are we all entering a new decade of CHANGE…the new beginnings that might change our world?!  By world,  I am referring to not only life in our country, but life around the globe and life right at your own front doorstep. Here’s a question for you. Do you embrace change as a new opportunity? Is it a chance for a NEW BEGINNING?  Do you fear change will bring too many challenges?Are you adjusting to a new normal?

I include this picture of Methuselah because it’s a 4,852 year old Great Basin Bristlecone Pine growing high in the White Mountains of Inyo county in Eastern California. It is recognized as the non-clonal tree with the greatest confirmed age in the world. Can you imagine the change this old beauty has seen or felt in its lifetime?!

We are all turning the page…of the chapters of our life! The world is changing, and of course so are each one of our lives. Time doesn’t stand still…at least not in the linear view I have here in my current life. Sometimes I have the difficult challenge of being flexible in situations that I can not change. Other times I am totally celebrating all that is RIGHT in my life. And yet each day I wake up…I know I have an opportunity for a NEW BEGINNING!

Do you start your day with song?

I love the animals out my window that give me an opportunity to smile, chuckle at their fluttering fun with each other without worrying about the past or the future. They help me focus on the NOW. It helps me remember what a gift we all are to each other. In sharing our love and giving away through using our gifts…love comes right back to us.

As Marj and I wrote our book, The Light GAP: God’s Amazing Presence, I remember very well looking at my life and trying to figure out the important experiences that were significant to the retelling of my Near Death Experience. I found a pattern that was rather interesting. I could take my journey as Terry Larkin and put it into 10 year segments and make sense of the changes that were happening at the time. But, of course I was looking back because the insights always seem far more significant AFTER the decade concluded! Each of the chapters about my life represented about 10 years.

This week as I was processing the four years since our book was published in 2016, I realized that I’m launched into another decade of CHANGE. I’ve turned another page in the chapters of my life. It’s another NEW BEGINNING. It was only one short year after our book was published that I found Reconnective Healing. It has changed my life once again…in a very beautiful way.


EACH and every day is an a new opportunity. There is a new beginning for each new day as we wake up. I love the way Abraham Hicks helps us realize that it takes the whole mixture of feelings and emotions, challenges and celebrations that create our our lives. I can remember so well, Dr. Wayne Dyer’s advice on how important it is to simply step out of bed, smile and be thankful for a new day. That’s how he started the only actual movie he made called The Shift. For many years when I was in the process of exploring my spiritual life and understandings, his words were always so uplifting for me.

If I examined what I have learned and absorbed in these four years, it would make this post way too long and you would quit reading! So, instead I want to make sure YOU know how incredibly powerful you ARE as a human being living in your current body. It does not matter if yours is aging  or broken in some way ~ YOUR soul is always perfect in the eyes of God in every way possible. You are LOVE inhabiting a body through the loving LIGHT of the Divine. 

LOVE is that powerful. You are ONE with God and you are ONE with all other human beings. 

When we look into the eyes of another, we are looking at the reflection of ourselves. Sometimes we might focus on something that is disturbing to us. That is why it is a gift to see the most BEAUTIFUL part of any human being. Others may be viewing a negative view…but, inside they are as much LOVE as we are. Find that LOVE in them and you will see it in YOU!


“God never intended for humans to be simply assembly line workers, putting together what God designed. God’s intention from the beginning was to put you at the drafting board coming up with your OWN design!” ~ Neale Donald Walsch

Remember YOU are the CREATOR of your life! You hold the paintbrush in your hands, what will YOU paint today?











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