“Change the way you look at things…and the things you look at change!”
                  ~Dr. Wayne Dyer

We are noticing that a change of seasons has dropped warm summer temperatures and are being replaced by cool and sometimes blowing winds! Chilling rain can sometimes dampen not only yellowing leaves on plants, but leaves begin changing colors quickly.

When we notice all of that, what is our mind doing? Very often stored memories of fall seasons for countless years rise to the surface. Sometimes thoughts turn to joy at the thought of beautiful fall color, OR sadness as we experience less sunshine with cloudy vistas.  Today I was looking out at some yellowing leaves on my annual Begonia plant in my garden.

Change the way I look at things… I was reminding myself. YES, the red it still brilliant and beautiful and it just got a lovely drink of water falling from the sky! Just before I snapped this picture it was pouring rain, but the sun came out for a very brief moment. Gratitude filled my heart for that peak at the sunshine on an otherwise cloudy, dreary, cold and windy day! And then a gorgeous King Fisher bird came and landed on our chairs shaking in the wind. I was focusing on joy through the energy of LOVE.

All of this got me to thinking about my thoughts and how VERY powerful my intentions for them can change my mind.

It’s not the weather that I want to talk about, it’s the landscape of our LIFE. Nature is simply the metaphor to help us analyze our thought patterns. When I did NOT focus on the yellow leaves or the cold rain…the stunning beauty of red flowers and birds I love brought joy filtering through beautiful thoughts! The Universe provided what I was focusing ON. The Kingfisher was a delight…no coincidence there! That is the unbelievable power of thought through intention.

More than ever in our current environment there is no shortage of opportunities to land into the negativity of world happenings, national politics, and local issues that are way too close for comfort. We fear change on the horizon.

Can we change the way we look at things? ABSOLUTELY

In a previous blog post, I talked about a poem on Self LOVE. The words were stunning and helped me know I wanted to purchase that very simple book, When I LOVED MYSELF ENOUGH…by Kim Mc Millen and Alison Mc Millen. I was sad to hear that Kim died back in 1996 at the young age of 53,  after self publishing this book in simple handwriting on each page.

Her daughter wanted to honor her mother by going to a traditional publisher to keep her mother’s words alive. The words are so very beautiful. I realized that if a person wants to CHANGE the way they look at life and live in an intention filled world to bring joy on a regular basis, they NEED self love. SELF-LOVE has to come first! Every page is filled with how her life changed after changing her mind about any limiting beliefs she held.  I highly recommend the simple book to anyone who might struggle with worthiness issues or has trouble in life focusing on negative thoughts.

I know that once I changed my mind about illness, the understanding about how and why we heal has been forefront in my world. I choose health, I choose wellness, I choose to feel good, I choose to smile and put judgment of others aside. I choose to FOCUS on what is important to me in life, and I choose to share the love emanating from within with others through healing sessions, kind words, lack of judgement, hope, and compassion through humility.

YOU are that very same Divine Being who can choose your own thoughts! We have all spent time with people who focus on every ailment they have and the ailments simply keep coming because they totally EXPECT them…convinced that is the WAY of life. They are attracting sickness  because the Universe keeps giving them what they focus their thoughts on!

If you ever want to really CHANGE the trajectory  of  YOUR life, I highly recommend another book that really changed me at a very  important time in my life. I recently listened to it again read by Dr. Wayne Dyer from the Hay House offering to listen for free. It was stunning AGAIN…I read it back when it first came out in 2004. It was even MORE meaningful for me this time…of course, my mind is changing along with my life! It’s the HOW to guide for anyone!

The Power of INTENTION; Learning to Co-create Your World Your Way by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. His words live well past his passing  to the next phase of his eternal life. The content is so very pertinent to our lives. He teaches us all how to attract into our life what is so very important to us.  I leave you with a few quotes from the back cover..

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”

” You were intended out of love; you must be love in order to intend.”

“You must match intention’s attributes with your own in order to capitalize on these powers in your life.

“If you’re experiencing scarcity, anguish, depression, an absence of love, or any inability to attract what you desire, seriously look at how you’ve been attracting those circumstances into your life.”

“You cannot solve a problem by condemning it.”

“That which offends you only weakens you.”

“This new way of seeing will enable people in your presence to feel comforted and peaceful, and to indirectly be loving accomplices to your connection to intention.”

“If life is infinite, then this is not life.”

~ Dr. Wayne W. Dyer


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